Public schools sue Social Media Giants for Youth Mental Health Crisis
Lawsuits are being filed that accuse companies behind Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,  TikTok and YouTube of mental health harm. Schools in Calif., N.J., Utah and Wash. states have filed suits against these increasingly infamous companies
Cell Phone Records can impact Car Accident Claims
Cell phone records can play a pivotal role in a car accident claim. Texting or even speaking on your phone while driving is not just a dangerous activity that threatens you and other drivers.
California Man files Artificial Tears Lawsuit
A California man is suing EzriCare for its Artificial Tears product he says has caused him eye pain and permanent vision problems. The plaintiff says he regularly used the eye drops he bought over
What to Look For in an Auto Accident Attorney
Choosing an attorney following an auto accident could be the difference between being short-changed and maximizing compensation you deserve. Does the law firm you are considering handle cases themselves? Does the firm prosecute cases
NEC Lawsuit Update – April 27, 2023
Enfamil & Similac Baby Formula Lawsuits Premature Baby Formula lawsuits involving bovine-based milk products are being filed based on the belief that they are linked with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). These cow's-milk based formulas are
Missouri Woman files Lawsuit over Bard PowerPort Catheter
A Missouri woman has filed a lawsuit over the Bard PowerPort catheter. Mary Nelk brought the complaint (PDF) on February 28, 2023 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Defendant
Ezricare Eye Drops Lawsuit Update – April 5, 2023
  EzriCare artificial tear drops have been linked to serious bacterial infections which have caused vision damage, eye amputations, and even, in a few cases, death. The national product liability lawyers at Matthews &
Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Update – March 30, 2023
Our law firm handles Camp Lejeune lawsuits for people in all 50 states who seek to file claims. Matthews and Associates is committed to representing veterans and their families impacted by the toxic water
Ezricare Eye Drop Lawsuit filed in Kentucky
A class action complaint (CAC) was filed in Kentucky this week for several people who bought eye drops later recalled for contamination that can lead to blindness and death. Richard Mosley is the plaintiff’s
EPA will Reconsider Paraquat Ban
The EPA has moved to reconsider a Paraquat ban, or at least better safety regulation for the widely used poison. Depending on exposure, this “herbicide” is thought to raise the risk of developing Parkinson’s
Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit Update – March 2023
Hair relaxer suits say companies knew products contained dangerous chemicals Nearly 80 lawsuits have now been filed which claim hair relaxer products from L’Oréal and other companies can cause cancer and other serious health
Ohio sues Norfolk Southern for East Palestine derailment
The state of Ohio is suing Norfolk Southern over the train derailment and catastrophic fire in East Palestine last month. Ohio State Attorney General Dave Yost called the accident “entirely avoidable.” The Feb. 3
Ohio Train Lawsuits face Legal Challenges
Meanwhile, the EPA is called out for Testing Deception in Ohio Lawsuits filed against Norfolk Southern Railroad in the Ohio disaster face case law and class rules that could make them difficult for injured
What’s the Latest Tylenol Autism Lawsuit News?
Recent research has shown that a mother who takes Tylenol (acetaminophen) while pregnant can increase her baby’s risk of being diagnosed with autism. Consequently, many parents have filed  product liability lawsuits against retailers that
Ohio Train Fire releases Deadly Dioxins  
On February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train hauling carcinogenic chemicals derailed in the small Ohio town of East Palestine. Three days later, officials decided to breach one of the overturned tanks and