First Covid Business Interruption Cases could affect Others
(July 3, 2020) The first case filed for a Covid-19 business interruption insurance claim could affect others which follow. The first lawsuit involving a Covid-19 business interruption claim against an insurer was filed for
FDA warns Toxic Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus could Kill You
(June 29, 2020) The US FDA has warned that certain hand sanitizers could sicken or even kill you. A toxic chemical additive in some sanitizers could lead to poor health outcomes that include blindness
Rice Case could help other Clergy Abuse Victims
(June 25, 2020) A 2019 Superior Court ruling in Pennsylvania in a sex abuse lawsuit against the Catholic church could affect the cases of many other clergy sex abuse victims. From the Diocese of
Insurers denying Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
(June 23, 2020) – Most insurance companies are now routinely denying businesses’ Covid-19 business interruption claims.  Industry-wide justification for most of the denials has been a virus exclusion which insurance companies quietly inserted into
Johnson & Johnson Pulls Talc Baby Powder from U.S. Market
(June 16, 2020) For more than a century, Johnson & Johnson has proudly advertised its signature product -- Johnson’s Baby Powder. The monster-sized multinational corporation continues to stand by that product as safe and
Vatican, California Diocese, Priest, sued for Child Sex Abuse
Ratzinger Letter shows Concern for Church and Pedophile Priest, not Victims (June 12, 2020) The Vatican in Rome and a California diocese and parish are being sued for child sex abuse in the Superior
Legal Drugs, Medical System Kill more than 225,000 Yearly
(June 9, 2020) – While most mainstream media focus has moved from the Corona virus to worldwide riots, a well-documented statistic continues to remain well out of the public eye. In point of fact,
Insurance Claims Rejections over Covid-19 spur Plaintiffs’ Attorneys to work together for Businesses
Because insurance companies have rejected virtually all Covid-19-related claims, a group of plaintiffs' attorneys have come together to help businesses recover their losses. So many business owners are seeing so much loss which insurance
New York extends Child Victims Act ‘Look Back’ Window to August 2021
(June 3, 2020)  The New York state Senate and Assembly voted last week to extend the Child Victims Act 'Look Back' window to August 2021 for people wishing to file claims that they were
Popular Diabetes Drug Metformin contains Carcinogen – FDA  
  (May 28, 2020) – A popular diabetes drug, Metformin, has been found to contain a carcinogen, says the FDA, which made the announcement yesterday. Metformin – the active ingredient and also the drug’s
Texas Man alleges Pennsylvania Priests sexually abused, tortured him in the 1970s
(May 27, 2020) -- A Texas man alleges in a lawsuit that he was sexually abused and tortured in a church basement in the 1970s. The man is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Pesticides in US Food threaten Everyone
(May 19, 2020) – Last fall, the FDA published its latest annual analysis of pesticide residues that contaminate the fruits, vegetables, and other foods we routinely eat. In a sane world interested in mental,
FDA pulls Zantac late 
Why did it take the agency six months to pull Zantac / ranitidine products after it had identified potential problems? (May 11, 2020) The FDA recalled Zantac on April 1, 2020, along with other
Wisconsin Business Owners protest Lockdown
(May 8, 2020) Wisconsin business owners protested the state's lockdown last week, pleading  with Governor Tony Evers and a legislative committee to open the state for business. Dozens of people testified to ask the
Marylanders Protest Covid Lockdown
(May 4, 2020) Thousands of Marylanders protested in their state's capital city Saturday, May Day, as a lawsuit was filed against the governor over the state’s forced lockdown that began in March. Lockdown protests