FDA announces recall of nearly 700 Embolic Protection Devices
The FDA announced Nov. 22, 2020 that Cardiovascular Systems has recalled its Wirion embolic protection device. The device’s filter can break off upon removal. The recall covers 697 devices. Wirion designed the device to
Premature Infant Formula killed Baby, claims Illinois Lawsuit
A woman whose premature baby died after being fed a cow’s-milk-based formula is suing the companies that made and marketed it. The plaintiff has filed a petition in Illinois’ Madison County court for a
FDA recalls another Blood Pressure Medication for Cancer Concerns
The U.S. FDA just announced another blood pressure medication recall due to unacceptably high levels of an impurity. Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of all batches of the company’s irbesartan tablets,
FDA Mistakes have ruined thousands of lives
FDA mistakes have ruined thousands of lives through the years. Those mistakes include the agency’s approval of many dangerous prescription drugs that were later pulled from the market. Unfortunately, the FDA’s decision-making process has
California Clergy Abuse Deadline looms
Several organizations in California face allegations stemming from sexual assault and abuse. Californians affected by sex abuse have rights and can still pursue justice. Several well-known institutions around the US – including the Catholic
FDA’s Zantac Fail is not the agency’s first
The Zantac drug recall by the FDA is not the first time the agency has recalled a drug it had formerly approved for human use. In fact, the agency’s safety record is living proof
Paraquat Pesticide Trial Updates – Dec. 2021
Several paraquat pesticide lawsuits are pending in the U.S. against Syngenta. The suits allege that paraquat, the chemical sold for weed killing, can cause Parkinson’s disease. Farmers use paraquat on many crops, including corn,
3M Ear Plug Litigation Update – Dec. 4, 2021
  Matthews & Associates Law Firm has submitted all documents needed for our clients’ 3M claims, and submitted them in accordance with the Court’s orders. Though we have emailed all of our clients in
Lawsuit Filed Nov. 29 over Teen’s Death at Astroworld Concert
The parents of a 14-year-old boy who died on November 5 at the Astroworld Festival in Houston filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott this week. The complaint alleges gross negligence on the part of
Zantac Litigation Update: Nov. 29, 2021
The popular antacid drug Zantac (ranitidine) is the ongoing subject of hundreds of lawsuits filed against its makers. First marketed in 1981, Zantac was to become the best-selling drug in history. That all changed
Class Action Lawsuit filed over Canceled Astroworld Concert
A Houston law firm has filed a class action lawsuit over a Canceled Astroworld Concert    On behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, plaintiffs Christy Fargo, Bryan Abbee, and Tequon Brady filed
Death Count reaches Nine from Astroworld Festival
Death Count grows as more Lawsuits filed A ninth person died last week from injuries she sustained during Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival. Bharti Shahani, who was a senior at Texas A&M University, died five
Eight killed at Astroworld Music Fest
(Creepy prescient message on the stage at the Nov. 5 Travis Scott concert in Houston) Eight people were killed and many more were injured when a crowd surged toward an Astroworld stage at a
Boppy recalls 3.3 Million Baby Loungers after 8 Infants Die
The Boppy Company recalled, in September 2021, 3.3 million of its popular baby lounger pillows following the deaths of eight infants who were placed on them. The infants died between December 2015 and June 2020.
J&J using a bankruptcy maneuver to block baby powder lawsuits
Johnson & Johnson faces criticism after employing  a controversial bankruptcy maneuver to dodge tens of thousands of lawsuits linked to claims that J&J’s talc baby powder was contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos. Texas Two Step