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Drug Settlement Case

Dear Mr. Matthews,
I would like to express my appreciation to you for the settlement that was reached involving the drug Reglan. My late mother suffered considerably in her final years as a result of this drug. We appreciate your efforts on her behalf. Thank you so much.

Sandra H. of California

Drug Settlement Case

Dear Reglan Team,
On behalf of (our mother’s) heirs, thanks a million! for your good, hard work on this case. Thanks for winning Justice for Mom and this hugely helpful settlement for our families. We are grateful!

Cathy P. of Washington

Drug Settlement Case

Dear Conrad (Adams), Just a quick note to thank you for your extraordinary performance working on the Reglan case for us. (The) ultimate results were far better than we initially imagined, and your skill, expertise and dedication went far and above. You always personally called us and emailed us – without hesitation – and treated us and Walter’s suffering with respect and caring. You are an exceptional attorney and an admirable human being! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonder Christmas and New Year.

With much affection
Lucy & Paul H. of Florida

Reglan Drug Settlement

Conrad (Adams) handled my Reglan case. He was so KIND, CARING, and worked so hard to get my case going. I must have emailed him 10 times and each time he answered me with so much kindness and consideration. He was HONEST and never made me believe that he was leading me on. I was so comfortable with him! (He) helped me receive my settlement payment as quickly as he could. I could not ask for a more trusted lawyer than Conrad. He made me so HAPPY and I will forever be grateful to him for settling my case so quickly.

Art S. of Arizona

GM Lawsuit Settlement

If I could say one thing, it would be they don’t give up! I had given up any hope of getting any support from GM for what happened to my wife, but Marla [Briscoe] and her team at Matthews & Associates never gave up until we got justice.

Can’t say thank you enough.
Joseph and Annette P. of South Carolina

Gadolinium / MRI Drug Settlement

For anyone finding themselves or a beloved family member in a situation that requires a personal injury law firm, you could not find a better team of lawyers than Matthews & Associates. I have been treated with the utmost kindness and respect.

Angela E. of Washington

Wisconsin Woman says she reaped rewards.

To David Matthews and all the people who worked on my case: Just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you for including me in this case along with all the others like me who had the misfortune of a doctor who thought that implant in my neck was a good idea. I’ve been on disability since my first surgery in 2005, my income was cut in half and life isn’t the same. Thank you for caring.

The team at Matthews & Associates worked to get some kind of satisfaction from a medical supplier who harmed many people. Since the doctors who used the product couldn’t be held accountable, it was wonderful to know that someone still cares about “little guys” who are preyed upon like myself and so many others. I didn’t think anything would come out of the litigation, but after 1 1/2 years of patience, I had to do nothing – just reap the rewards.

Thank you!
Debora C. of Wisconsin

Colorado Woman says she never could have recovered by herself.

I consider your service very beneficial. I never could have recovered anything by myself. Selena did a great job keeping in touch and before her, Lila.

Thank you for a fine job.
Barbara M. of Colorado

Texas Woman thankful for Matthews Law Firm

At the time I became a client of The Matthews Law Firm, I was going through the most traumatic time in my life. My husband was found deceased at home just after Christmas by our young son. He had died of a massive M.I. Although he had some health issues, no one, including his physician, was prepared for such an outcome. That was before anyone knew of the harm caused by some of his medications. The pharmaceutical companies knew of the danger of these drugs but, of course, they didn’t want to share this with the public or, for that matter, physicians who prescribed their drugs. I didn’t know where to turn when I first heard of the side effects of some of his medicines, so I sought out the best firm I could find. I am thankful that I was put in touch with the Matthews Law Firm in Houston to bring a company such as a pharmaceutical giant to justice; you must find someone who can afford to take the case and is an expert in such matters. Not all attorneys could, or would, pursue a wrongful death or personal injury case. I have never had to worry or wonder if their attorneys and staff are up to the painstaking tasks involved; their credentials and case results speak for themselves. Through the efforts of the Matthews Law Firm, I feel I am still working to bring some type of closure to my husband’s untimely death. It is a feeling of gratification that I have done the best I can do for the years my son and I have to endure without Sammie.

Mary H. of Texas

Texas Woman couldn’t have dreamed up a better legal team.

Each person who worked on my case at Matthews & Associates, from the support staff to the attorneys, was extremely professional. No matter what time of day it was, if I had a question about anything, whether it be about the legal process or pertaining to my case specifically, they had honest answers. Throughout the entire process, I felt included in decisions that needed to be made and the attorneys always made sure I was informed about what was going on. Along the way, I never felt like I was unimportant, they made me feel as comfortable as possible discussing the details of my case, and often times they asked for my prospective on things and took what I said into consideration. I didn’t have any expectations going into this, but I really couldn’t have dreamed up a better legal team or had a better experience than what I had with Mr. Matthews and all his staff.

Lindsey G. of Texas

Ohio Woman says, Keep up the great work.

I lost my husband 5-16-2010 and I am trying to recover. It’s hard to be alone again. I miss him very much. Everyone at the firm I talked to was great. Kim has been my biggest help. I would let everyone know that you are caring people and you are for the people who are hurting from the loss of a loved one. Keep up the great work. Thank you Kim and everyone.

Deborah B. of Ohio

Ohio Family: You made such a difference in all our lives.

Geoff, This has been a long time coming, and without your patience and loyalty we would still be without closure. Everyone we contacted about helping us would turn us down because of the awful mess my father left. He never intended for us to have anything, as was his way to punish us for our very existence. He was a cruel man to his family, but to his friends he was generous to a fault. We thank you for taking care of business, and a guilty pleasure for your treatment of the “trash” he left behind in his house. My brothers and my sister and I wish you every good fortune for all your hard work. You made such a difference in all our lives.

Forever Grateful,
Stephanie, Kelly, B.J. and Kim M. of Ohio

Nebraska Man would seek Matthews’ legal services again

Thank you for communication during the Trasylol case for my wife. Your phone calls to communicate the status of the case or explain and answer my questions were greatly appreciated by my wife and me. . . I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the outcome and settlement that Matthews & Associates obtained for my wife. I have complete confidence in the firm and would seek their legal service again.

Elwyn L. of Nebraska

California Woman says Matthews & Associates gave a sense of security and confidence.

I cannot say enough good things about the service I received from Matthews & Associates, more specifically from three of your colleagues. They should be highly commended for their efficiency, expertise, and their comprehensive knowledge of the work they do. They always maintained the highest level of professionalism while at the same time demonstrating extraordinary support, thoughtfulness, respect, and compassion. They went above and beyond the call of duty, never wavering from their commitment. . . I was always kept apprised of any new developments and/or set-backs, but more importantly, I was never given a sense of false hope or anticipation; as a matter of fact it was quite the opposite. (They) gave me a sense of security and confidence that I had the best representation possible. Matthews & Associates demeanor and hard work have completely changed my view and perception of attorneys in general. Kudos and many thanks to Matthews & Associates and many thanks, appreciation and love to Rachal, Angela, and Sandra.

Meryl L. of California

Texas Man would recommend Matthews & Associates without reservation.

Attorney Steve Faries of Matthews and Associates did a fantastic job for us. He found the experts we needed, secured all the necessary records, and dug out all the relevant precedents and case law that even the legal assistants couldn’t find. Defense never knew what hit them. We were especially impressed with Steve’s patience and attitude. He has the cheerful disposition that is a sign of wisdom.

Perhaps most importantly, Steve listened to us and he believed in us and our case, which was anything but simple. He got us the best possible outcome that we could have hoped for. Many thanks Steve, and thanks Matthews and Associates. I would recommend you and your firm without reservation to anyone needing first-class legal representation.

Matt M. of Texas

Connecticut Man says, Matthews & Associates got him help he needed.

I think that Matthews & Associates is a very good personal injury law firm. Because I was injured, they got me the financial help that I needed.

Frankie G. of Connecticut

Massachusetts Woman gives unequivocal recommendation.

Matthews and Associates recently represented my family in a successful personal injury case. The service provided by the firm was exemplary. They flew to Boston and personally met with us to better understand our family’s needs. During the time it took to settle the case, they provided excellent communication and often responded to e-mail within minutes. The firm fought hard for our family and in the end gave as a result we are very happy with. We give our unequivocal recommendation for Matthews and Associates.

Nataly V. of Massachusetts

California Man says, Finally a team not afraid to take on a challenge.

I have searched so long for an honest Attorney, for so long. Finally a team who is not afraid to take on a challenge. I will spread the word and recommend Matthews and Associates from the mountain tops to the valleys.

Clyde R. of California

Illinois Woman says, Matthews & Associates delivered results

There is not a way you can improve services. There was frequent communication when necessary. Over the years my address changed, but information was organized. . . Matthews & Associates was the only firm that would represent me out of three or four. They delivered results as I hoped.

Sarita D. of Illinois

Alabama Lawyer: David Matthews’ passion for justice is amazing.

I consider David to be the premiere pharmaceutical litigator in the country. His commitment to his clients and drive to hold “big pharma” accountable for their wrongdoing are simply astounding. I look forward to associating with David in the future; his passion to obtain justice for his clients is simply amazing.

Josh T. of Alabama

Texas Woman praises Matthews & Associates attorney:

I was deposed by Merck’s attorneys regarding my Fosamax lawsuit. I took the drug for ten years and have had 18 fractures, beginning with my femur and most recently, my pelvis. Last week Steve Faries went with me for my deposition with Merck’s attorneys in New Jersey, as I was still in my walker for my pelvis fracture. He was so kind to help with my travel needs. I just want you to know what an excellent, thorough, and dedicated attorney he is. Our flight was delayed three hours, so he briefed me those three hours. . . He never stops working. Without him, I would have never been successful with my deposition. . . I just wanted you to know what an asset he is to your firm.

Sincerely, DeAnne D. of Texas

Alabama Woman praises Matthews & Associates Attorney

I want to express my Appreciation for Ms. Wendy Elsey and all the HELP she was to me in working on my case. She always returned my calls or e-mails in a timely matter. She always followed up and found the answers to my concerns and gave me the information (good or bad news ). Communication is the key to having a pleasant working relationship. Ms. Wendy really made me feel my business was her top concern & she was Helping get my case settled. I will recommend her in the future.

Paula C. of Alabama

Indiana Woman thanks Matthews & Associates

Monica of Matthews & Associates was my main contact over all the years and kept me up to speed with everything concerning my case. Everything was spelled out and explained when I didn’t understand. Thank you!

Stephanie M. of Indiana

South Carolina Woman thanks Matthews & Associates

Just a note to thank you for the professional way our trip was handled. All the travel details and the amenities you provided were excellent. On a personal note, thank you, Steve, for taking a tense situation and helping me through it. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Jane W. of South Carolina

Thank you to Matthews & Associates

I want to say again thank you for everything. I could not have made it through the last years without your help. — Laura P. of Texas

New York Woman thanks Matthews & Associates

It’s been over seven (7) years remembering I didn’t want to go on, but you all were there!  Each and every one of you are special and blessed within your own right!  Amen.

It takes a special person to take on the roles you all so effortlessly put forward daily!!

I love you all!!!

– Cheryl W of New York

Louisiana Thank You

Mr. Conrad Adams is a great guy. He told me that it might take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to settle and it only took 3. I was definitely not looking for it to be this quick. I would have responded sooner but have been working on my house remodeling and thank God I have the money to do so, thanks to Conrad and your team. Conrad has talked to me every time I have called and answered all of my questions. This has been a terrific law firm for us. I will recommend you to anyone that can use your services. Please let Mr. Adams know how much he has helped me and how much I appreciate him.


JoAnn C of Louisiana

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