Baby Powder Cancer Risks hidden, Jury told
A woman who used Johnson & Johnson baby powder on her genitals and then developed ovarian cancer urged a Missouri jury on Oct. 4, 2016 to find J&J liable. In opening statement, her lawyer said
Ovarian Cancer Screening not reliable – FDA
FDA recommends against using screening tests for ovarian cancer While power morcellators can spread undetected uterine cancer when used for fibroid removal or hysterectomies, word comes from the FDA that current ovarian cancer screening
Country bans Johnson’s Baby Powder
The nation of Qatar has moved to ban Johnson's Baby Powder from grocery store shelves. According to Al Raya, a Qatar newspaper, Johnson's baby powder was banned from Qatar stores in March 2016 while
Johnson’s Flagship Product Trouble
Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder is arguably the company’s flagship product. So much of Johnson’s branding the public has been a result of its long, successful ad campaigns to promote its baby powder, and, with
Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Link
Three juries have heard evidence of a talcum powder ovarian cancer link. Three juries have heard counter arguments from Johnson & Johnson defense attorneys that no such link exists. Three juries have concluded that
Talc Cancer Risk Greater for Black Women Targeted
Black women who reported regular use of talcum body powder were at greater risk for ovarian cancer compared to their peers who didn’t use talc, according to a new study. That is not good
Talcum Cancer Trial: $55 Million Verdict
A talcum cancer trial  brought a $55 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson in Missouri this week. It was the second large jury verdict against the company this year over its beleaguered Baby Powder and
Talcum Cancer Verdict changes Game
Johnson & Johnson stands accused by several people of failing to warn them about the ovarian cancer risks of some of the company’s talcum powder products. While speculation about the cancer-causing properties of mined
Talcum Powder Cancer $72 Million Verdict
A talcum powder cancer lawsuit rendered a $72 million verdict in St. Louis jury on Feb. 25, 2016. The jury greed that a woman died of ovarian cancer from her long-term use of Johnson
FDA Powdered Glove Ban
On the heels of a $72 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson this month for a baby powder cancer case comes a proposed FDA powdered glove ban. The agency wants to ban most talc
Johnson & Johnson knew Talc-Ovarian Cancer Risk
Lawyers for the Missouri plaintiffs who won a $72 million verdict last month against Johnson & Johnson brought up evidence which proved J&J knew of the Talc-Ovarian Cancer Risk, yet failed to warn customers.