Firms request Shingles Vaccine Case Consolidation
(June 22, 2018)  Law firms representing people who have filed shingles vaccine cases have requested they be consolidated in New Jersey.  Law360 reported last month that the firms represent hundreds of people who allegedly suffered
Shingles Vaccine Risk Benefit Analysis
Are the advertised benefits of the shingles vaccine worth the risks? Merck’s own paid-for studies show those who receive the shingles vaccine may have, at best, a 50-50 chance of avoiding shingles. Therefore, whether the
Government removes Informed Consent for Drugs, Vaccinations
It is indeed a government of wolves, as John Whitehead has written. In one of its latest ploys to partner with corporations to Lord it over us all, the U.S. government has removed informed consent
Merck Shingles Vaccine Lawsuit Filed
Merck is being sued for its alleged shingles vaccine. A Nevada woman filed a Merck shingles vaccine lawsuit against Merck on February 23, 2017. The woman said she suffered several injuries as a result
Vaccine Injuries hidden by Media
Lies of omission can be just as damaging as blatant stated lies. You know, like those mainstream media outlets – CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, etc. – gave us about Iraq harboring
Question:  Who decides what news is fake?  Answer:  The Corporate Media. Question: Who puts out fake news at a constant clip daily? Answer: The corporate media. Why do you think they call it "programming?"
Shingles Vaccine fails 98-99%
The shingles vaccine fails 98-99% of the people targeted to take it. To arrive at that conclusion, one needs look only so far as the studies which Merck Pharmaceuticals trotted out for FDA when the
Mumps Vaccine Lawsuit says Merck Stonewalling
A mumps vaccine lawsuit says Merck is stonewalling, refusing to give evidence which the suit has demanded be produced.  In response, Merck cannot or will not give proof that its mumps vaccine works as
Merck Pharmaceuticals Zostavax shingles vaccine was approved by the FDA based on just two studies, at least one of which fails to show the vaccine is safe or effective at preventing shingles. Merck's ZEST
Shingles Vaccine causes Shingles
People conditioned by years of vaccine propaganda may find it not newsworthy that the shingles vaccine causes shingles. For thinking people, however, this might be a news item. What sense does it make to
Secure your Shingles Vaccine Records
Waiting for a law firm to order records of your shingles vaccination in a potential shingles vaccine lawsuit could fatefully harm your potential case. By law, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical records entities are
Shingles Vaccine Eye Damage
The shingles vaccine Merck Pharmaceuticals has been marketing since 2006 now comes with a warning that it could cause eye damage. February 17, 2016, the FDA approved a label change to Merck’s Zostamax vaccine prescribing