Decline in IVC filter use fails to affect VTE hospitalization rates
Cook Medical, C.R Bard and other IVC filter makers claim their devices lower rates of venous thromboembolism.  But a sharp decline in IVC filter use has failed to affect VTE hospitalization rates. A letter published
First Bard IVC Filter Trial Scheduled
(Feb. 21, 2018) The first Bard IVC trial has been scheduled to be heard next month. The first jury trial against medical device maker C.R. Bard is set for March 14, 2018 in Phoenix,
Failed Medical Procedures Proliferate
In November 2017, new studies revealed that stents put into heart disease patients to keep arteries open work no better than a placebo. Hundreds of thousands of US patients receive expensive stents each year
IVC Filter use decreases after FDA Advisory
Science Daily has noted IVC filter use has decreased following an FDA advisory.  IVC filter use began declining last year after the National Institutes of Health noted in June 2016 that IVC filters carry real
Cook IVC Filter Lawyers can depose ex-Cook President, says Judge
Cook IVC filter lawyers can depose an ex-Cook president, a judge ruled on September 13, 2017.  Cook defense lawyers had moved to block the deposition.  Attorney David Matthews of Matthews & Associates Law Firm will
Illinois Man files Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit
An Illinois man filed a Bard IVC filter lawsuit August 25, 2017, in the multi-district litigation (MDL) court set in Arizona.  The man was implanted with the Meridian® Inferior Vena Cava Filter (IVC Filter) made
Alabama Man files IVC Filter Lawsuit
An Alabama man who required open-heart surgery when an IVC Filter migrated to his heart six days after being implanted has filed a lawsuit against Cordis Corporation and Johnson & Johnson. The IVC filter makers
Texas IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed
A Texas man has filed an IVC Filter Lawsuit in Houston's Harris County courthouse.  The man has filed a case naming the implanting doctor and Cook Incorporated, a/k/a Cook Medical, LLC. State Jurisdiction Cook Medical
Indiana IVC Filter Case Filed
An Indiana woman has filed an IVC filter case against Indiana-based Cook Medical, Inc., a/k/a Cook Medical Group. The petition was filed July 27, 2016 in Marion County Superior Court. IVC Filter Perforation The
IVC Filter Lawsuit filed in Illinois
A Cook IVC filter lawsuit was filed in Illinois' Cook County Sept. 12, 2016. The plaintiff's surviving spouse filed the case against Loyola University Health System and Cook Medical Inc., an Indiana corporation. The

Technology runs Amok

Technology runs Amok
Technology runs amok today. Most people seem to accept that the “latest” technology, whatever it is, should be embraced and celebrated. Each new apple product or so-called “Smart phone”or appliance is trotted out with a
New Laser Technique removes IVC Filters
Despite there being no evidence blood clot filters help the overall population, or that they increase mortality for trauma patients, some 250,000 IVC filters are implanted in people yearly. Even more concerning, many of these
IVC Filters Poor Choice for Trauma Victims
IVC filters are a poor choice for trauma victims. Patients implanted with IVC filters were no more likely to survive more than 24 hours after injury than those who received no filter, according to
Law Firm Filing IVC Filter Lawsuits
Matthews & Associates Law Firm is handling IVC filter lawsuits nationwide against all the major makers of IVC – Inferior Vena Cava – blood clot filters. The firm, with offices in Houston and New
Cook must produce IVC Filter FDA Reports
Virtually every lawsuit involves a judge’s issuing key rulings that impact the outcome. A judge’s decisions for the court can hinder plaintiffs  – such as the recent judge in the Mirena birth control cases