J&J recalls Neutrogena, Aveeno Sunscreens
Johnson & Johnson is recalling most of its Neutrogena and Aveeno spray sunscreens from U.S. stores.  The recall comes after the company detected benzene, a potentially cancer-causing chemical, in some of its sunscreen samples.
FDA announces CPAP Recall, More
Philips Respironics Ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP Machines recalled due to potential health risks On June 30, 2021, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it was alerting health care providers and people who use
Hand Sanitizers recalled for Methanol
In the age of Covid 19, many Americans have become aware of the dangers of methanol in hand sanitizers. Many have learned to review a sanitizer’s ingredients before purchasing the product. What many may
Plumbers’ Union fights to reinstate Zantac Claims
A plumbers' union told an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals judge last month that large parts of a proposed multidistrict class action over a carcinogen found in Zantac should be reinstated. The union argues
Baby Foods contain Toxic Heavy Metals. FDA failed to warn of risk.
Gerber, Beech-Nut, HappyBABY, Earth’s Best Organic baby foods contain arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury A recent House report found many baby food products made by the country’s biggest baby food makers contain significant levels of toxic
Monsanto pesticide continues to poison millions
Monsanto is a company with a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Its flagship product – the pesticide glyphosate – continues to poison millions of people, animals, and plants. Roundup’s best known
Zantac Defendants claim FDA Relationship Protects them from Liability
Zantac makers pleaded in court this week that their relationship with the FDA protects them from liability. More specifically, the embattled drug makers and distributors of Zantac argued that any liability claims against them
FDA-approved Drugs Kill 100,000+ yearly
Investigator Jon Rappoport believes the FDA should be charged with murder, because FDA-approved drugs kill more than 100,000 people yearly. In ten years, that’s a million people. That’s a lot of death linked with
Zantac Cancer Lawsuits Update – November 2020
Hundreds of Zantac cancer lawsuits have now been filed in state courts across the country or in federal multi-district litigation court (MDL) set up in Florida. Hundreds more, or even thousands of Zantac lawsuits
Monsanto Appeals Verdict in First Roundup Trial
(September 2, 2020) – Monsanto is once again attempting to appeal a jury verdict in the first Roundup trial. Monsanto – now owned by Bayer – has asked the California Supreme Court to overturn
How does Cancer Threat Belviq get FDA approval?
(April 7, 2020) -- It’s a fair question: How does a cancer threat drug like Belviq get FDA approval? Belviq was pulled from the market last month after it was found by FDA to
Monsanto Cancer Victims include Children in 2020 Trials as Glyphosate Ruse Continues
Chemical giant Monsanto/Bayer faces six Roundup cancer cases scheduled for trial in 2020. Among the plaintiffs in the 2020 trials are two children who suffer from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Their lawsuit petitions claim they contracted
Johnson & Johnson Settles Talc Mesothelioma Case
(January 6, 2020) -- Johnson & Johnson settled a talcum powder-mesothelioma case midtrial today. A California judge announced to the jury that the trial was finished. The jury was one of the first to
J&J Talc recalled after FDA finds Asbestos
(Nov. 19, 2019) Johnson & Johnson recalled some of its talcum powder products last month after the FDA found asbestos in J&J talc powder. The FDA said that it found "sub-trace" levels of asbestos
Zantac Recall Cancer Scare
(Nov. 5, 2019) Zantac was recalled from store shelves by Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS  last month over a cancer scare. Wal-Mart later joined in the recall, and Novartis also halted global distribution of