Premature Baby Formula Lawsuit Update: Oct. 2022
Parents whose premature babies were diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) from eating Similac or Enfamil baby formulas are filing lawsuits against the makers. Why are People Filing Baby Formula Lawsuits? Many premature babies fed
Most Baby Food contains Toxic Metals
A new study found that both homemade, as well as “family” brand, baby foods are contaminated by at least one toxic heavy metal. The heavy metal(s) found in the foods varied by food type,
FDA investigates Deaths linked to Baby Formula
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it’s investigating nine infant deaths possibly linked to Abbott Nutrition baby formula U.S. authorities say they’ve started to investigate the deaths of at least nine babies beginning
Abbott Whistleblower alleged Safety Lapses – Complaint
A former Abbott Nutrition nutrition employee recorded his concerns that Abbott was hiding safety problems at its Sturgis, Mich., production facility. He sent a detailed complaint to the FDA months before Abbott removed infant
Baby Formula NEC Lawsuit Update (April 2022)
An NEC baby formula class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court. The JPML issued a transfer order that consolidates all pending NEC infant formula lawsuits into a new mass tort multi district litigation
Premature Baby Food Cases grow in country ranked 33rd in Infant Mortality
Lawsuits for premature babies injured by bovine-based infant formula have brought public attention to serious problems faced by premie babies. Some half a million are born prematurely each year in the United States. About
FDA failed to act in timely manner before Infant Formula Recall
Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing plant inspection records show that problems with Abbott’s-recalled products could have been uncovered sooner by FDA. Infant formula made by Abbott Nutrition is linked to at least two deaths. It has
Abbott faces False Ad Claim in Similac Baby Food Suit
An Illinois federal judge ruled this week that Abbott Laboratories, maker of Similac infant formula, cannot dismiss a competitor’s false advertising counterclaims in a patent lawsuit over baby probiotics. The judge found that imprecise
Abbott announced Feb. 17, 2022 that it was recalling some powder infant formulas following four consumer complaints that included the death of an infant. Abbott recalled powder infant formulas Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare. The
How the FDA fumbled a Powdered Infant Formula Recall
The FDA ignored or overlooked red flags prior to fumbling a powdered infant recall. Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare had a history of violations, so why did it take so long to pull these troublesome
Gerber Baby Food Lawsuit filed over “Non-GMO” Claims
A class action lawsuit alleges that Gerber baby food, infant formula, and drinks contain GMOs, while Gerber claims these products are free from GMOs and other toxic ingredients. Allegations in a class action lawsuit
Premature Infant Formula killed Baby, claims Illinois Lawsuit
A woman whose premature baby died after being fed a cow’s-milk-based formula is suing the companies that made and marketed it. The plaintiff has filed a petition in Illinois’ Madison County court for a