Vaping injures 147 Texans

(Oct. 28, 2019) Vaping has injured 147 Texans, so far, according to the Department of Social and Health Services. DSHS has identified 147 Texas cases of people who suffered severe lung disease symptoms after vaping. At least one person has died. Texas state health officials continue to gather information about 17 other possible vaping injury cases. Nine in ten injured people report vaping THC or marijuana, sometimes with other substances. Nearly all of the injured have required hospitalization. Many have needed intensive care.

Vaping Injuries in 48 States, Vaping Stats

Texas is one of 48 states to report vaping injuries. Vaping-related injuries have been reported in people 13 to 75 years old. The median age of injured an injured vaper is 22. Roughly one-quarter of the Texans affected are minors, with three-quarters being male.

E-Cigarette kills Texas Man

In a related case, an e-cigarette killed a Texas man earlier this year. A 24-year-old Texan died after a brand new vaping device exploded in his face. The Tarrant County medical examiner’s office confirmed the cause of death.

William Brown of Fort Worth had just left a vaporizing store in Keller. His grandmother told a local reporter that William had just bought the device and was using it for the first time in her car. After the device exploded, she said her grandson crawled toward the back of the car, collapsed on the pavement, and died in hospital two days later.

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Symptoms of Vaping Injury

Respiratory symptoms include difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, and coughing. Some vapers have also experienced nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. DSHS health officials say medical personnel should ask patients with these symptoms about a history of vaping, gather as much information as possible about suspected cases, and report them to DSHS.

Nearly 1500 Cases Reported

More than 1,479 cases have been reported across the U.S. DSHS is working with the CDC and FDA, as well as other states, to gather evidence about what the cases have in common, in hopes of determining a cause.

DSHS Vaping Recommendations

DSHS now cautions that people should consider not using e-cigarettes. Those who do vape and experience symptoms are urged to report them and promptly seek medical help. Youth, young adults, and pregnant women are urged not to vape at all. DSHS also urges anyone who does not currently use tobacco products to start vaping.

Harris County Vaping Injuries

Harris County Public Health has three confirmed or probable individuals with vaping-related lung illnesses.

Vaping-Associated Severe Lung Disease in Texas

Public Health RegionNumber of Cases
1 (Panhandle)0
2/3 (North Texas)48
4/5N (East Texas)7
6/5S (Southeast Texas)21
7 (Central Texas)6
8 (South Texas)2
9/10 (West Texas)2
11 (Rio Grande Valley)7
Not yet determined2



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