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Houston Storm & Hail Damage Attorneys – Making Insurance Companies Honor Claims

If your insured property was damaged by a natural disaster in the U.S., our storm damage claims lawyers may be able to help you recover damages your insurance company is slow or unwilling to pay.

Our law firm represents businesses and people who have paid their property insurance premiums, yet have been wrongfully denied coverage by their insurance carrier. We have handled many cases against insurance companies that have failed to honor their obligation to compensate home or business owners for damages they’ve suffered.

Living near the Gulf Coast in Texas means facing potentially extreme weather conditions that can lead to extensive storm damages from:

  • Severe rain
  • Flooding
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Hurricanes

An insurance policy holder has the right to a fair settlement of property damage claims that result from wind, hail, or storm damage. An insurance company has a duty to handle claims in good faith without deception, delay, or unjust denial of such claims. If and when an insurance company fails to act in good faith, in a timely manner, to address property damage claims, we work with claimants to make that insurance company does the right thing and honors its contractual obligations.

Fighting for your Rights

An insurance policy holder’s rights to coverage may sometimes be denied by the provider, even wrongfully denied. That’s where our firm can help. Our experienced property damage lawyers can defend a policy holder’s rights during each step of the case. We can help the insured gain the compensation they need after a storm has damaged property, or perhaps even taken someone’s life.

Matthews & Associates can help both business owners and home owners navigate the complex legal issues that can often be linked to their storm damage claims.

Insurance companies, unfortunately, have a long history of denying claims, which is why you will want to exercise every resource available to you for resolving a claim. We also encourage home owners and business owners to collect the following information to help with the investigation:

  • Photographic evidence
  • Estimates
  • Invoices / receipts
  • Conversation notes

Is the insurance company acting in your best interests?

Insured people who’ve seen their home or business damaged should first carefully consider their insurance company’s offer. It’s important to remember that insurance companies are businesses first. They will nearly always attempt to offer less compensation than a policy holder deserves. Without prompting, they may not consider the hidden effects of storm damage to an insured’s home when they present a compensation package.

If you feel the offer your carrier make you is shy of what your property damage or personal injury is worth, or if your insurance company is denying your storm damage claim altogether, you might be wise to call for the kind of experienced legal help that Matthews & Associates can provide.

We will investigate your case, consult with our team of insurance experts, then make a determination regarding the full value of your damages. If necessary, we will fight for you in court. Lawsuits that land in court can trigger a lengthy process, but sometimes there’s no other way to bring the insurance company to task for failing to fully honor its obligations to the insured. If you have dutifully paid your premiums, you have a right to expect that you have coverage, which deserves to be honored.

Of course, home and business owners will want to help themselves as best they can, but at some point, before signing off on any compensation, the insured would be wise to consult professional legal help to maximize their chances of achieving the compensation they deserve to be made whole again.

Attorney David Matthews

Attorney David Matthews developed insurance coverage opinions straight out of law school, defending carriers in court. He handled major subrogation claims ranging from $5 million to $500 million. For the last 33 years, he has worked solely for injured plaintiffs. He has tried more than 150 cases to verdict.



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