Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit


Matthews & Associates is representing survivors of child sex abuse. These cases can involve a wide range of organizations that share responsibility for failing to protect children.  We are handling cases for people who experienced sexual abuse that involved unwanted physical touching. The cases we are investigating may involve an employee, agent, religious order member, priest, teacher, doctor, nurse, or an employee of the following religious organizations, entities, or institutions:

  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormon Church)
  • The Jehovah Witnesses
  • Baptist Church
  • Public or Private School
  • Public or Private Hospital
  • Group Home Institution

Potential New Clients (PNCs) in Sex Abuse Suits

A potential new client (PNC) with our firm must be able to give us the full name of each of their alleged abuser(s) and the position that abuser(s) held at the Religious Organization, Entity or Institution where the abuse occurred.

We also need a PNC to name the church, school, or other institution(s)/location(s) where the sexual abuse occurred.

If the abuse occurred at a non-Catholic Church, entity or school, we must have either three or more incidents of sexual abuse or notice to the Church, Entity or School that the abuse was occurring to others prior to the abuse suffered by the PNC or that the PNC was abused.

For religious entity cases, we must exclude non-religious-related employees such as  maintenance workers, construction contractors, janitors, et al.

We cannot accept cases in which an accuser is unable to identify the alleged abuser. We are accepting PNCs from any state where the claim is still within the SOL, including the following:

Colorado — if the abuse occurred between 1/1/1960 and 1/1/22. We are accepting clients until 10/1/2025.

Louisiana — Catholic Church claims if the sexual abuse occurred in the Diocese of Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Houma-Thibodaux, Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Shreveport. We are not accepting Archdiocese of New Orleans Cases. We are accepting clients until 4/31/2024.

*  New Jersey — if the client is 54½ years old or younger and for claims against the Catholic Church if the sexual abuse occurred in the Archdiocese of Newark, Diocese of Paterson, Metuchen, or Trenton (not accepting Diocese of Camden cases).

New York City — if the abuse occurred at a location within the geographic bounds of New York City city limits, which includes the five boroughs:

  • Manhattan Borough (New York County)
  • The Bronx Borough (Bronx County)
  • Brooklyn Borough (Kings County)
  • Queens Borough (Queens County)
  • Staten Island Borough (Richmond County)

Nevada — if the PNC is 37 ½ years or younger.

For Catholic Church claims, one can check for which diocese the church, school, institution/location of sexual abuse occurred. Visit: Find a Bishop and Diocese.

Children Targeted

The problem of child sex abuse is much more far reaching than most decent people would care to admit. It is too terrible for most of us to even consider that it is happening, but the actual numbers, coming from multiple researchers, even in mainstream news, are impossible to dismiss:

Child sex abuse is at epidemic levels in America. The problem is massive and growing, and our lawyers hope to help tackle it by representing child sex abuse survivors.



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