C8 Cancer Lawsuit

C8 is a toxic chemical that was produced by DuPont.  The chemical giant began making C8 (perfluorooctanoat acid) in the 1950s in Parkersburg, W. Va. C8 (or PFOA) was a processing agent for water-resistant clothing, Teflon, non-stick products, oil-resistant paper packaging, and more. DuPont stopped producing C8 around 2005 after thousands of people filed personal injury lawsuits. Studies showed C8 causes a long list of serious diseases.

C8 Cancer
Researchers use two types of studies to determine if a substance might cause cancer. Research linked C8 acid with at least six potentially life-threatening diseases. C8-linked diseases include:

•   ulcerative colitis
•   thyroid disease
•   kidney cancer
•   testicular cancer
•   pregnancy induced hypertension
•   high cholesterol

$670 Million Class Action Settlement
In February 2017, plaintiffs and defendants reached a $670.7 million settlement in principle to resolve thousands of C8 lawsuits against DuPont.

DuPont and Chemours – a DuPont spinoff company (2015) that now owns and operates the Washington Works plant – have agreed to the settlement. Each will pay $335.35 million to settle 3,500 cases in the class-action lawsuit against DuPont. All the cases in U.S. District Court in Columbus concern damages from exposure to the C8 chemical.

A science panel, created from the settlement of the 2001 class-action lawsuit, said there was a probable link between C8 and the six diseases.

C8 Class Action Lawsuit
The C8 class action lawsuit was filed in 2001 by residents near the DuPont plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. More than 3,500 claims had been made that C8 (perfluorooctanoic acid) leaked from the plant and harmed the surrounding community. Residents alleged the leak contaminated local water supplies, causing them to ingest the chemical and suffer disease from it.

DuPont – a multi-national chemical and health care company – agreed in 2004 to make some safety changes and investigate the link between C8 and health problems. DuPont funded medical monitoring programs and installed new water treatment systems. The litigation was eventually consolidated in federal court in Columbus, Ohio.

C8 Lawsuit Settlement
Dupont said in a statement that it had stopped using the cancer-causing chemical in its West Virginia plant more than ten years ago, yet admitted to using C8 in that location since the 1950s. In February 2017, the two companies decided to settle the matter. They agreed to pay nearly $671 million in cash. The two poison companies split the balance. Each agreed to pay $335.35 million. However, neither admitted to wrongdoing (of course), and both declined to challenge the evidence linking C8 to the six diseases.

DuPont-Dow Merger
The settlement came just prior to DuPont’s planned $130 billion merger with Dow Chemical Co. (a marriage made in hell) due to close in late 2017. Chemours shares rose 13 percent when it announced the settlement would close the case, while DuPont shares rose one (1) percent.

The settlement will not fix the damage caused by years of C8 poisoning. It may provide some solace to the injured people or their survivors. One can only hope it might promote better safety precautions in the future. On the other hand, history has shown that the bigger corporations get, the more aggressive and reckless they can afford to be. Have you tested your drinking water lately?

Firefighter Cancer Risk from C8 in Equipment?
Firefighters whose suits and some equipment contain C8 have long suffered from a  high incidence of cancer compared with the general population. DuPont has so far been able to blame firefighter cancer on the fact that many of the things that burn in fires contain the chemical. Anecdotal evidence, meanwhile, suggests the firefighter suits themselves, when heated (as in firefighting situations), cause firefighters to sweat and absorb C8 through their pores.

C8 Lawsuit / Firefighter Cancer Lawsuit
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