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Monsanto and Government Poison All

Timely Insights on Laws, Issues and New Developements

monsanto skullMonsanto and the U.S. government have worked together for years to poison America’s food supply.  Conflicts of interest abound from the judiciary, to the executive and congressional branches.  Monsanto contributes millions in campaign contributions to its lackeys in congress, and, unfortunately for the rest of us, Monsanto gets what it pays for.   Monsanto and government poison all.

Clarence Thomas

Monsanto’s ties to government start right at the top of the judicial food chain. U.S,. Supreme Court Justice  Clarence Thomas was a Monsanto lawyer for four years.  That clear conflict of interest hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly refusing to recuse himself from court decisions involving his former employer.  Supreme Court justices are held to a higher standard, as they should be.  For a high court judge, even the appearance of a conflict of interest in a case before the court, is supposed to lead that judge to recuse.  That ethical tangle hasn’t stopped Thomas from voting repeatedly, always in favor of what is in the best interests of Monsanto.  Remember that Anita Hill was telling the truth when she testified to the world as to the character of Thomas.  His lame response was to play the race card, on a black woman.  “Reasoning” doesn’t get any more ludicrous than that, but it was a harbinger of things to come for the next 25 years of his gut-wrenching decisions.  Mr. Thomas has nearly always voted in favor of big business, virtually always to the detriment of working people.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton represented Monsanto while she and Vince Foster were partners in the Rose Law Firm.  Ms. Clinton maintains a very chummy relationship with the Biotech Bully from Missouri. She hired a former Monsanto lobbyist to run her 2016 Presidential campaign.  She has spoken repeatedly in favor of GMO foods.  She pretends, with most of the major news media, that the safety questions concerning Monsanto and other Ag giant frankenfoods’ producers is decided. Ms. Clinton has taken huge donations from Monsanto.  She has earned her new moniker: “Bride of Frankenfoods.”

Monsanto “helps” Iraq

The federal government is even less subtle in partnering power plays with Monsanto.  In Iraq, (in Mesopotamia, where man first tilled the soil thousands of years ago, you would think they might know a thing or two about farming; but they’re not as smart as Monsanto, apparently), a condition of our “helping” Iraqis (“accidentally” killing a million of them along the way) was forcing their farmers to plant Monsanto GMOs.  Genetically Modified Organism programs require a lot more water and a lot more pesticide than regular conventional seeds, and they render zero advantages for yields, despite the PR blitzkriegs that never end to promote their poison crap. Monsanto’s GMO corn is planted in terminator seeds, which have the pesticide inserted so that one is actually eating pesticide when one eats Monsanto GMO corn.  The Roundup-Ready corn is engineered with the pesticide in the seed so that the corn can withstand the heavy poison baths it receives.  That stuff kills the good flora and fauna in the human gut, and Monsanto has been sued for lying about that fact, claiming that the human gut is not affected by glyphosate.

Monsanto and Government Poison All

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is a probable carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization.  Its tearing up the human gut leads to a host of problems that include obesity and kidney and liver damage.  Nevertheless, Monsanto never stops trying to poison the world.  The state of California voted to ban glyphosate, but Monsanto is suing the state in order to keep the poison flowing.  Monsanto cares so deeply about the state, just as it cared so much for Iraq, you see, because it is such a philanthropic organization.  It’s on a mission from God.  It’s not going to stop “helping” people just because people don’t want its help.  Monsanto knows what’s best for the world.

FDA and Monsanto

FDA’s conflicts of interest with Monsanto are legion.  A man named Michael Taylor, for one, has moved back and forth through the revolving door from government “service” as an FDA executive, over to Monsanto food profiteer lawyer.  He has written applications to FDA as a Monsanto employee (for the awful bovine growth hormone), and then taken a job with the FDA and approved his own request; it doesn’t get more rotten-milk rancid than that.  The revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA is the main reason the “government” has unleashed GMOs on Americans without any long-term safety studies.  But here’s a newsflash for Monsanto and the U.S.Government that does the bully’s bidding:  We now have the results of the 20-year experiment on the American people.  Look around and see for yourself; what a fat bunch of piggies we’ve become.

American People as Guinea Pigs

You don’t need an expert to observe the obesity epidemic in America since GMO foods were foisted on the public 20 years ago.  Americans have never been as fat and unhealthy as they are now, and there are no fewer urban animals with desk jobs now than there were 20 years ago.  It’s not that we’re exercising less.  It’s the food, stupid.  The food is making us all fatter.  And those in government are leading us down the garden path to a poisoned future, while behind their own closed doors they eat organic, at least in the White House.

Demrats and Repugnants both back Monsanto

The way politicians from both sides back an evil corporation like Monsanto also gives the lie to the idea that you have a choice in voting.  A Republican, Bush I, green-lighted Monsanto’s poison foods on us all back in 1987.  Then Democrat Bill Clinton continued to help grease the skids.  A Republican, Bush II, helped the juggernaut gain steam; Monsanto became infinitely richer with the contracts it was able, with help from the U.S. military, to force on the destroyed Iraqi people.  Then the Democrat Obama stepped in and did even less to help Americans assaulted by Monsanto’s multi-million dollar blitz to fool Californians and others into voting against labeling laws.  Obama even signed the Monsanto protection act, written by Monsanto’s own minions like Peter Taylor.  Even as liberal a U.S. Senator as Al Franken voted to give Monsanto a free pass by signing the Monsanto Protection Act,  which gives Monsanto carte blanche to continue poisoning us without labeling its poisoned foods.

Organic for the President, GMOs for Us

Obama and family eat from a White House organic garden planted in 2009.  Full-time staffers harvest its organic produce.  Many high level politicians refuse to eat anything but organic; they are acutely aware of what’s in ‘conventional’ GMO-loaded foods.  Yet most of them vigorously push Monsanto’s GMOs and their ruthless business model on the rest of us.

We are all Iraqis now.


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by Matthews & Associates

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