Accutane Update

Pharmaceutical litigation can be notoriously slow to move forward but rarely has the normal snail’s pace of justice moved as slowly as it is still moving in the Accutane litigation. Defendant Hoffmann-la Roche has done everything legally possible to delay this litigation, now nearly eight years in the making. In one of the latest legal ploys, toward the end of 2012, Hoffmann-la Roche requested that Judge Carol Higbee be removed from overseeing the Accutane litigation in New Jersey. This request caused a significant delay and detour in the New Jersey litigation.

After several months of briefing and arguing the issues, the Court decided to deny the defendant pharmaceutical company’s request because it is without merit.  That decision has been appealed by the defendants, but we at Matthews & Associates remain hopeful it will be affirmed by the appellate court within the next several months so that more cases can proceed to trial.

During this same time period, the defendants in California requested that the litigation be consolidated before a new Judge.  In that regard, we were successful in keeping the California litigation in front of Judge Freeman, who has significant experience overseeing pharmaceutical litigation cases.

Stay tuned to our web site as we will try to relay further developments as soon they occur.