Report Drug Side Effects to the FDA

Drug companies are well FDA Logoaware that only about one in ten drug side effects get reported to the FDA. That is a woeful statistic, made worse by the fact that when drug makers’ attorneys defend a Big Pharma giant like Merck, Johnson & Johnson or GlaxoSmithKline in a court of law, they can and usually do point to the small number of adverse events reports in trying to paint the victim of the company’s drug as a “one off,” just one of the very unfortunate few who may have had a bad experience with a drug or medical device.

A lot more dubious drugs would have been pulled from the market a lot sooner if the actual number of people who experienced “side effects” – not just ten percent (or perhaps fewer) of those people –  would have reported their adverse events.

Report Side Effects to FDA

So please report any side effects you experience from a drug to the FDA. Just click the link below to get started:

•   Report Drug Side Effects to the FDA

    • Thanks for sending. We can’t offer any advice or advise anyone on this web site. If you have an injury that you attribute to a drug, you can contact us and we can discuss it and see if it is possible to pursue litigation against the drug’s maker.

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