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Medical Device Injury Lawyers

Matthews & Associates’ Medical Device Injury Lawyers work nationwide and in Puerto Rico for people injured by medical devices. Our lawyers, paralegals, researchers and investigators hire experts, order medical records, take depositions, and fight corporate giants in courtrooms across the country.

Matthews & Associates represents people injured by dangerous medical devices such as IVC blood clot filters and other medical devices including:

Physiomesh Hernia Mesh

Physiomesh was withdrawn from the market in May 2016 after independent studies showed it had high complication rates.  Complaints by patients and surgeons came early for  Physiomesh, which is made by Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson.

TransVaginal Mesh

Synthetic transvaginal mesh has been linked to increased risks of urinary complications, sexual complications, pelvic prolapse, and bladder, bowel and blood vessel perforations. Reported complications include bleeding, pain and infection.

DePuy Hip Replacements

At least two DePuy Hip Replacement systems have been linked to side effects so painful that they have necessitated the need to repair or replace a partial or an entire DePuy hip system. Symptoms of a defective DePuy hip implant include swelling in the hip and/or accompanying hip, leg or groin pain, any or all of which may lead to difficulty walking.

Zimmer Knee Implants

At least two orthopedic surgeons have spoken out in regard to serious problems following use of the Zimmer Nex Gen CR Flex Replacement Knee. Dr. Richard Berger of Chicago and Dr. Lawrence Dorr of Los Angeles, both of whom have installed numerous Nex Gen CR Flex and other Zimmer knee products, believe that the high rate of failure for the Zimmer Nex Gen CR Flex Replacement Knee is unacceptable.

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