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crosswalk-signHouston is Texas’ most dangerous city for walkers. More pedestrians were killed by Houston drivers in 2016 than in any previous year. More than 70 walking Houstonians were killed by drivers in the city in 2016. Hundreds more were crippled or badly injured.

12 Pedestrians Killed per day by U.S. Drivers
Roughly a dozen pedestrians are killed daily by U.S. drivers. That means one person walking is killed in a roadway accident every two hours. Meanwhile, thousands of other pedestrians are seriously injured or crippled by careless, drunk, or distracted drivers.

Pedestrian Injury Accidents
Pedestrians injured by distracted people driving automobiles can suffer injuries requiring lifelong treatment. The costs of doctor visits, surgeries, physical therapy, and prescription medications can quickly exceed the annual income of most Houston families. Pedestrian accident victims can often feel they have nowhere to turn, but an experienced Houston Pedestrian Accident Attorney can help.

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If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, or if you’ve lost a loved one due to a distracted driver, Houston pedestrian accident lawyers at Matthews & Associates may be able to help. Our experienced personal injury attorneys represent Houston citizens as well as other Texans injured by negligent, careless, distracted, or drunk drivers. We stand ready to work as hard as humanly possible to get injured pedestrians the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a free legal consultation.

Pedestrian Accidents: Drunk Drivers & Children
Pedestrians are uniquely vulnerable when facing or navigating near traffic anywhere on the busy streets of Houston. Distracted motorists frequently fail to see people walking on or near busy roads, and it takes a mere second or two to trigger a serious or tragic accident.

Pedestrian Accidents Preventable
Most pedestrian accidents are preventable, which is why pedestrians injured by drivers often file civil lawsuits for personal damages. Statistics show that nearly half of all pedestrian accidents today involve a drunk driver. Children under 12 account for nearly 20 percent of pedestrians injured in drunk driving accidents.

Reasons most Pedestrian Accidents Occur
Pedestrian accidents most often occur when:

•  Drivers ignore pedestrians in parking lots, school zones, shopping areas
•  Pedestrians jaywalk, without the aid of a traffic signal or crosswalk
•  Motorists at dusk or nightfall fail to turn on their headlights
•  Drivers fail to yield the right-of-way at intersections

The law says walkers must obey traffic lights and crossing signals, but once a pedestrian lawfully enters a crosswalk, all drivers must yield. (But don’t bet your life on it.)

Five Steps for Pedestrians Hit by Cars

#1 – Find Safety First
Secondary accidents can cause just as much damage as initial collisions. Injured parties should get out of the road to a safe spot to avoid being hit by another car or truck. When possible, objects or debris should be moved from the road to save additional risk to the injured or to others.

#2 – Assess Injuries
The shock of an accident may fool one about the extent of any injuries. An accident victim experiencing no pain may assume medical attention is not needed, but that person may be in shock. It is usually prudent to obtain medical care if only as a precaution. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible following an may help minimize injuries or prevent further complications. Many internal injuries can only be properly identified by trained professionals, including traumatic brain injuries and concussions. Serious accidents present a risk of spinal cord injury; one should move with extreme caution to avoid aggravating any damage. (Witness how NFL football players are sometimes carted off the field with their helmets strapped to a board to prevent further injury to the spine.)

#3 – Contact Authorities
Dial 911 for an ambulance if anyone needs immediate medical care. One should also alert the police to properly document the accident. One may wish to contact relevant insurance companies. Insurance laws in your state will determine whose insurance carrier should be responsible for compensation in a claim or civil lawsuit. Involving one’s own insurance company allows one to present one’s own side of the story.

#4 – Collect Information
An injured party should exchange identity and contact information with the motorist(s) and any other relevant parties. It is best to document what happened asap. Photographs, witness contact information, motorist and other statements can all be very useful if there is a future dispute over who was most at fault. An injured party should avoid making any statements about fault or what he or she believe happened. Over time, one’s recollection of the accident may fade. One would be wise to record all thoughts and images concerning the accident. These thoughts should include as much detail as possible, including information such as the weather, location of the car, traffic lights’ status, and any other relevant information.

#5 – Consider Legal Options
Both civil and criminal cases may be initiated, depending on the accident’s specifics. Consider contacting an attorney to protect your rights.

Understanding Personal Injury Law
Filing a personal injury lawsuit after a pedestrian accident may be the best option for a pedestrian hit by a car or truck. That’s where our law firm may be able to help.

A pedestrian injured in a car accident may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. In this legal action, an injured person may sue a corporation or an individual to recover monetary damages for personal injuries and other losses. Damages available to a personal injury plaintiff include, but are not limited to, compensation for:

•  past and future medical care
•  pain and suffering
•  lost wages due to missed work after the accident
•  family members of the accident victim
•  repairing or replacing damaged property

Houston Pedestrian Accident Lawyers
A pedestrian accident lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit to help an injured party recover damages. A personal injury lawsuit can help a pedestrian accident victim regain financial security, as well as bring a dangerous, distracted or drunk driver to justice. Careless drivers should be held accountable for their carelessness or negligence toward pedestrians, who have just as much right to use the public roadways as drivers of cars or trucks.

Time Limits Apply to Filing Lawsuits
Time limits apply to filing lawsuits in the state of Texas and elsewhere. One must file a personal injury lawsuit within a certain amount of time after an accident. A procedural rule known as a statute of limitations can prevent a case from ever being heard by any court if it is not filed in a timely manner. Typically, most personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

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If you or a loved one was involved in a pedestrian accident in Houston or the surrounding areas, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Matthews & Associates can help. For a free legal case consultation, contact us today. We are committed to working for our clients in order to achieve the maximum compensation possible.



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