Beware of scam FDA, IRS Phone Calls

If you have a drug case, beware of what may be scam phone calls from someone posing as an FDA, IRS or other government representative. Several of our clients have told us they have received mysterious phone calls from a 202 area code (Washington D.C.). The caller identifies himself (or herself) as an FDA or IRS representative investigating their pharmaceutical drug case. We don’t know who these callers are, but these individuals could be posing as government officials. The best course of action is to politely decline to answer any questions. Then take all the caller’s contact information and the reason for the inquiry. Tell the caller you will have an attorney return the call. Then report this call to us immediately.  

We always recommend that you do not tell anyone anything regarding your case or potential case.

Please email or call us if you get such a call, and we would be happy to investigate this matter further.

Be wise.


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