Attorney Ryan Haun

Attorney Ryan Haun – of counsel to Matthews & Associates – has spent the last twelve years holding corporations and insurance companies accountable for the promises they have made to their customers and to the public.  Over 1,300 cases later, the goal is still the same – to help people replace what has been taken from them when companies refuse to honor their promises.

No matter what has been taken from you, Ryan has probably seen the same issues before.  Over the years, Ryan has successfully handled fires, floods, hurricanes and explosions.  Even when the government can’t or won’t help, Ryan believes that families and communities deserve to have their voices heard.

In a time where special interests have flooded the court house and the state house with their agendas, Ryan believes that fairness shouldn’t be sold to the highest bidder.  Corporate profits should never be more important than the safety of the community and when big companies put their profits before the people they serve, Ryan believes they should have to answer to the public out in the open, not in secret.

Deciding to file a lawsuit is not easy.  Ryan understands that and works every day to try to make the process as simple and understandable as possible.  While the process can sometimes seem complicated or frustrating, we will work together to achieve the same goal – protecting your rights and making corporations and insurance companies honor the promises they make to their customers and to the community.


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