Johnson & Johnson sells Contaminated Children’s Tylenol

johnson-johnson-pharmaceutical-research-development-logoA Johnson & Johnson unit plead guilty March 10, 2015 to selling children’s medications contaminated with metal particles and other toxic substances including nickel, iron and chromium. J&J and McNeil-PPC Inc. agreed to pay $20 million in criminal fines in addition to the guilty plea for selling contaminated children’s versions of over-the-counter medications including Tylenol and Motrin.

J&J consistently fails its Own Credo

Johnson & Johnson boasts a credo it consistently fails to live up to. J&J’s “Our Credo Values” reads: “The values that guide our decision making are spelled out in Our Credo.  Put simply, Our Credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first.”  The people Johnson & Johnson puts first are its stockholders. The people the company puts first are certainly not those who buy J&J’s drugs like children’s Tylenol (which the company continued to sell for a year after it discovered the contamination), or those who are implanted with its defective medical devices such as Johnson & Johnson’s defective pelvic mesh products.

Perhaps never in history has a company failed as miserably or as often as J&J has to live up to its own credo. The Big Pharma and medical device giant has plead guilty so many times to so many criminal and civil charges, and paid so many multi-million dollar criminal and civil fines that it is not hyperbole to call Johnson & Johnson a serial liar and abuser of the public trust. Highlights – or shall we say lowlights – of the company’s fraud, malfeasance and violation of the public trust abound.

Johnson & Johnson is a Serial Lawbreaker

Johnson & Johnson has been found guilty of medicaid fraud, or bribing doctors, of paying illegal kickbacks, of violating consumer laws, of violating antimonopoly laws, of malice in failing to properly design its products, of destroying trial documents it had been ordered to keep. The short list of J&J criminal behavior might make one think twice about trusting the drug industry bully capable of using the highest paid defense lawyers that money can buy to try bailing the company out of its credibility problems made clear in thousands of lawsuits, judgements and fines levied against the company. Johnson & Johnson is, over and over again, guilty of breaking laws meant to protect U.S. citizens from the voracious material appetites of corporations like itself. Credo indeed!  Sample just a few other recent instances of Johnson & Johnson’s unethical and immoral behavior:


Matthews & Associates Law Firm has sued Johnson & Johnson several times because somebody has to. Somebody needs to help protect people’s rights against the daily onslaughts of a for-profit corporation that presents itself as a beneficent corporation. J&J’s actions have proven it again and again to be a profits-before-people enterprise.


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