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Case Selection

Matthews & Associates will not pursue a case for every sort of “side effect” listed on a warning label, or on our web site, or in some other publication or public notice.  We reserve the right to pursue only those cases which, in our judgment, have the best chance of coming to fruition for the client.  Nevertheless, our judgment regarding case selection is never to be construed as the last word on any potential case.   We encourage any and all of those who contact us with a case which we find that we cannot pursue, to contact other attorney offices and seek further advice and counsel.


Matthews & Associates will, to the full extent permitted under the law, protect your name and confidential information against disclosure, publication or unauthorized use.

Case Referrals

The firm occasionally refers cases to other attorneys.  Filling out and sending us email through this web site indicates you understand your potential case could be shared with another law firm.

Thank you for considering our law firm.

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