Zoloft Lawsuits in Philly MDL

Roughly 330 Zoloft birth defect lawsuits have been filed against Pfizer in the MDL (federal multidistrict litigation) established in U.S.District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The first Zoloft trials are scheduled to begin in 2014. These cases involve birth defects resulting from the use of Zoloft.

Twenty five lawsuits will be chosen among the total pending, 12 from a list chosen by plaintiffs’ lawyers and 13 by defense attorneys. After discovery and pre-trial proceedings are completed, the first bellwether trial regarding birth defects linked to Zoloft will begin in mid September 2014. Bellwether trials are considered cases which test the waters to give indications about how the litigation will proceed in the long run.

Virtually all of the Zoloft lawsuits claim that the drug taken during pregnancy can increase the risk of delivering a baby with severe birth defects, and Pfizer knew about the link between Zoloft and birth defects.

The birth defects include heart defects, clubbed foot, oral clefts, cleft lip and palate, delayed development, Autism, Persistent Pulmonary Hypertensin of the Newborn (PPHN), Gastrochisis, atrial and ventrical septal heart defects, pulmonary atresia and stenosis, Hypoplatic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), Transposition of Great Arteries, Coarctation of the Aorta (coA), Tetralogy of Fallog (TOF), cranial defects, neural tube defects, Spina Bifida.

Matthews & Associates has filed several of the Zoloft cases in the MDL in Pennsylvania. To contact a Zoloft attorney, call 888-520-5202 or reach the law firm via email.


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