Vaccine Maker Fined $1.3 Billion for Fake Vaccines

(Oct. 22, 2018)  China imposed a $1.3 billion fine on a company responsible for selling fake vaccines.  Vaccines given to hundreds of thousands of Chinese children were later determined to be expired, or were so soon-to-be-expired that they could not work as advertised – for those who believe that the vaccines in question could be said to work at all.

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The government fined the Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Company last week amid public furor over the fake vaccines.  The New York Times noted that the scandal comes at a time of increasing anxieties among China’s growing middle class.  Many Chinese were already palpably angry about several recent drug and food safety scandals.

The usual “experts” – like Wang Yuedan,  immunology professor at Peking University, quoted in the NY Times – claim the large fine will help bring “order” to the vaccine industry.  But that ‘apologia’ falls flat in the face of recent history of vaccine fraud in China.

In 2016, about two million improperly stored Chinese vaccines were sold from an overheated, broken-down storeroom.  The main suspect was a hospital pharmacist who had been convicted of trading in illegal vaccines in 2009, then was doing the same thing again two years later.

U.S. Vaccines made in Chinese Facilities

Most U.S. vaccines are now made in Chinese facilities, and the U.S. FDA has virtually no power to oversee their production or test them for safety or efficacy.

Hillary Clinton played the lead role in allowing Chinese vaccine manufacturers to completely bypass US vaccine testing requirements (see The Bolen Report).  After Mrs. Clinton’s “work” in 2014, China was allowed to ship vaccines directly from Chinese factories to American children, with no quality control beyond inspecting the labels.  The lurid details were trumpeted by the WHO as a triumph:  China enters the Global Vaccine Market.

The World Health Organization wrote of the Clinton plan:  “The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has been working with Chinese suppliers to support their applications for WHO prequalification for several vaccine candidates for the last two years, says Joshua Chu, CHAI’s Director, Vaccines Markets.”

The Chinese have killed our pets with poisoned dog and cat food, produced tainted rabies vaccines, sickened many thousands of us in our homes with toxic drywall, and sold us expired or sub-standard drugs and vaccines before (if, again, you believe that vaccines work at all).  Our own agencies, like the FDA, have virtually no power to oversee them; yet we are to believe that these vaccines made in China are safe and effective?

Even the Chinese don’t believe their vaccine makers now, or their own government’s ability to keep them safe from vaccine profit seekers.  So, are you really so certain that you should dismiss and attack anyone who questions vaccination?

Do you know where the vaccines they are forcing on your school-aged children are produced?  Do you know what’s in those vaccines?  Do you know what kind of quality control is brought to bear on those vaccines?  The FDA doesn’t know.  But you do?

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Do you know enough to scornfully label any vaccine skeptic an “anti-vaxxer,” as the mainstream news outlets all routinely do at the behest of their Big Pharma advertisers?  There are plenty of troubling vaccines which kill or injure people severely.  Just ask those injured by Merck’s Shingles Vaccine (Zostovax), Merck’s highly dubious Gardasil vaccine, or the usually worthless but always dangerous influenza vaccine.

Educate Yourself

Educate yourself.  Your life or the life of your child may depend on it.  It’s not enough to ignore the details, like the problems of trusting China with injecting aborted fetal cells, pig’s blood, mercury, aluminum, glyphosate, and other toxins directly into your bloodstream.  How can people who read food labels not know what’s in the vaccines pumped directly from China into their children?  How can people who read food labels have so little understanding of the secret processes and the woeful production “standards” of the catalogue of  vaccination poisons being pumped into them?