Vaccine Hysteria reigns

Vaccine hysteria reigns money and injection with pillsin the USA with help from virtually all the country’s corporate sponsored media and the D.C lobbying power of the $52 billion vaccine industry. (The U.S. is ranked a woeful 47th in the world for press freedoms and 26th for infant mortality.) The clear message from the controllers is that we need to vaccinate ourselves and our children for the disease du jour – yesterday, swine flu; today, measles; tomorrow, whatever the corporate spokesmodels (Brian Williams is hardly alone among media liars) who deliver the “news” tell us it is. We’ve got our marching orders for now. We can either vaccinate and be “immune,” or we can choose not to vaccinate and be considered insane or worse – haters of science, America, progress, other peoples’ (vaccinated) children.

Measles Vaccine kills

The MMR vaccine was created in 1963. Between 2005 and 2014 there have been no deaths from measles in the U.S., while the MMR vaccine killed 108 people. The vaccine kills more people than the disease it is supposed to prevent. Babies are often killed by vaccines, and evidence of the crime is destroyed by vaccine pushers in for-profit hospitals.

Measles Vaccine Causes Measles

March 10, 2015 Update: It has now been proven that the recent measles “outbreaks” (wildly exaggerated) are from measles-vaccinated children, which is known as shedding. Shedding occurs when a vaccinated person now has the live virus, which is then given to some unsuspecting other person.  Part of the recent shingles outbreaks among adults, it turns out, are at least partly to blame on the chicken pox vaccine (made with the same virus) being forced on more and more children more and more often with so-called “booster shots.” In addition, the shingles vaccine also causes shingles.) This has surprised the researchers, but it doesn’t need to surprise you. If you want to keep your kids free from measles and other vaccine-triggered sickness outbreaks, you might want to keep them clear of vaccinated children, who are usually the only individuals carrying the live virus.

Mainstream Media encourages Vaccine Lawsuits

The mainstream media meningitisthim4z4z4zhas long been a proponent of the scam of so-called “tort reform” – a duplicitous ploy to remove peoples’ access to the courts by encouraging them to believe the old lie that “frivolous lawsuits” chase good doctors from states and raise insurance rates. The real target of tort reform is of course peoples’ civil rights themselves; the divide-and-conquer ploy has worked to greatly diminish the average person’s access to the courts. The mainstream is employing a similar divide-and-conquer scheme to hide the lack of scientific foundation for vaccination safety. For vaccination lawsuits, Forbes and other mainstream outlets have performed a neat, 180-degreen turn. They are encouraging lawsuits where vaccines are concerned.  Forbes, a rich peoples’ magazine (and a very popular spot for Big Pharma giants to advertise their latest, “life-saving” drugs), is encouraging people who vaccinate their children to sue those who choose not to vaccinate – to sue in the hypothetical event that the vaccinated children contact measles. Big Pharma are big advertisers in Forbes and CBS, ABC, NBC and every other large media concern now trumpeting the safety of vaccines. In fact, Big Pharma spends nearly twice as much on promotion as it does on research and development, some $50 billion per year, another $29 billion lobbying – the kind of money that can buy a lot of influence, control opinions, spin science, promote vaccination, demonize “anti-vaxxers,” pass laws to mandate vaccinations, muzzle whistleblowers. Can anybody connect the dots anymore?

U.S. Gov’t pays $1 Billion for Worthless Flu Vaccine

Big Pharma receives some $1 billion per year from the U.S. Government for the flu vaccine alone, which failed to work in 2014-15. All vaccines are increasingly made in China (it’s cheaper there, Stupid, and far from prying FDA eyes), where the drug and vaccine makers’ plants are nearly inspected every 13 years or so. We say nearly inspected because the Chinese don’t allow FDA officials inside their plants. FDA just appears at the Chinese plants every 13 years or so and waits outside. Then the Chinese come out and tell them everything is in order. But don’t worry about any of that. The Chinese have a strong safety record, except for those recent episodes where they killed our dogs and cats with poison pet food, sent us poisoned fish, put toxic drywall in our homes and produced a lot of other dangerous products. You can probably just write all that off. Surely you can trust the Chinese with your children’s health, and trust the FDA to “inspect” their vaccine plants every 13 years or so. Probably the Chinese vaccine makers have gotten their act together now and are making splendidly safe vaccines for our children and us.

Vaccine Paradigm Flawed

If Forbes and the rest CDC-Admits-98-Million-Americans-Received-Polio-Vaccine-In-An-8-Year-Span-When-It-Was-Contaminated-With-Cancer-Virusof mainstream media really believe that vaccines do what their promoters say they do – actually “vaccinate” – then why do they so fear and loathe the great unvaccinated?  It’s obviously a cheap scare tactic meant to rush people into vaccinating their children without a second thought. If those targets of Forbes propaganda did find the time, they would find plenty of evidence to support the claim that vaccines may not work at all, perhaps that they have never worked, at least never as safely or as effectively as vaccine promoters claim. A countrywide discussion with no Big Pharma or government propaganda is long overdue. For all the millions of us who have been “vaccinated,” there is a complete lack of any real, long-term epidemiological study on a huge population to test the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Let this be said: the whole vaccine paradigm is flawed.

The Polio Vaccine Scam

Vaccine promoters always point to polio as the great example of vaccine effectiveness; but the polio outbreak was at low ebb and falling fast before the vaccine (which was also loaded with SV-40, the live cancer simian monkey virus administered to some 98 millon Americans) arrived on the market. There is a wealth of information to suggest that the polio vaccine not only did not work as we were taught in school that it did, but that it killed or crippled more people than it helped, if it helped any at all.

Let’s vaccinate Forbes and other lamestream outlets against using scare tactics against parents who can’t afford to be sued anymore than they can afford to let themselves be bullied by emotional arguments lacking  foundation in epidemiological science.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 gives the lie to the idea that vaccines are safe and effective. No such law would be needed if vaccines were safe. The ’86 Act gives the lie to even the idea that the government and international drug companies – with whom the U.S. government is partnering – even believe vaccines are safe and effective. Congress passed this Act to insulate drug companies from harms caused by vaccines. Dozens of papers show vaccinations are linked with autism. In the last 30 years while the childhood vaccine schedule has tripled, the rates of autism have skyrocketed – from 1/10,000 kids years ago to 1/50 today 1/37 boys). The government’s official stance is that vaccines don’t cause autism, while the government’s secretive vaccine court has paid out more than $2.6 billion to families whose children were made autistic by vaccines. Italian courts have ruled that vaccines cause autism, though there is a U.S. media blackout on that fact.

Silent Epidemic: Untold Story of Vaccines

No Long-term Study Supports Vaccine Safety

At a Nov. 2012 Congressional hearing on autism, CDC officials failed to cite a single study to back up vaccine safety claims. There has never been a single comprehensive, long-term epidemiological safety study done on a large population to test vaccine safety.

Public Risk for Private Profit

A child at six months morris_b1today gets as heavy a viral load of vaccines as her mother got by the time she graduated high school. Parents of injured children by vaccines must now petition the Dept. of Health and Human Services. If officials oppose, they get sent to vaccine court. A family has to ask the government to admit the vaccine caused the problem and pay for care. In vaccine court, taxpayers pay for all damages. Families can’t get legal help because the government has the reputation of slashing attorney fees and/or failing to pay them for ten years. A plaintiff’s lawyer’s hands are tied because no discovery process is allowed. That means lawyers cannot even see incriminating evidence from the vaccine maker, even though such discovery has been the main method of proving up a drug case for the last 100 years. To add insult to gross injustice, the government almost always refuses to pay  parents’ claims; and when that happens, parents have no other recourse whatsoever.

Vaccine Hysteria reigns in History

The checkered history bill-gates-vaccine-depopulationof vaccines is much more complicated than most would care to know. For one recent example, the CDC finally admitted, more than 50 years after the fact, that more than 98 million Americans were exposed to SV40, a live simian cancer virus, in batches of the polio vaccine administered in the 1950s. Predictions were made that there would consequently be an explosion of soft tissue cancers, a cancer pandemic in the next 30-40 years. This is exactly what occurred, of course. Cancer has trumped heart disease as our No. 1 killer. Millions of people developed and continue to develop lung, breast, prostate, leukemia, lymphatic and other soft tissue cancers. The CDC later pulled the tainted vaccines piece from its web site, but the document is still available elsewhere on the web.

Vaccines full of Toxins, Cancer Viruses

All vaccines contain foreign vaccines contentsDNA, RNA, and proteins that may prompt allergies and autoimmune diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, bovine fetal serum, monkey kidney tissues, toxic metals, mercury and aluminum, mono sodium glutamate (MSG) and corpse preservatives formaldehyde and formalin.

Vaccine Profiteers Cook the Books

Vaccine profiteers cook the books in at least three important ways to to make it appear that vaccinations work. 1.) They alter strict definitions of “vaccinated.” 2.) They use strict definitions of diseases and how they are diagnosed. 3.) They change diagnostic criteria.

For one example, in 1954 with the rolling out of the polio “vaccine,” the CDC found that the vaccine itself was causing more polio. Their answer was to redefine their definition of polio. Non permanent paralysis was not called polio anymore, or they called it “polio” only if they could find the virus in human feces, no matter what symptoms a person was showing.

Where are the Autistic Amish?

The CDC is most afraid of a control group which could prove that only vaccinated kids get autism. That’s one of the reasons for prolonged fear campaigns, to frighten everyone into vaccinating their children so as to eliminate any control group of unvaccinated children. But CDC forgot the Amish, who don’t vaccinate. Consequently, the Amish have no autistic children. Read it here:  Where are the Autistic Amish?

Vaccine Hoax, Coverup outed by CDC Whistleblower

The CDC – which counts water fluoridation, the neurotoxic medication of our water supply, as one of its greatest achievements – has only recently been caught in an ongoing, decades-long coverup regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Can’t get Fooled Again

The time has come for the government propagandists promoting vaccination to come clean regarding the checkered history of vaccine development. Nietzsche once said, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”  Or perhaps the problem was stated more eloquently by our former Decider, President George Bush, who famously said, “Fool me once, shame on, shame on you, fool me –  can’t get fooled again.”

Let’s not get fooled again.


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