Vaccination History, Thinking Person

Vaccination history,Vaccination History for the Thinking Person thinking person, is different than the version spoon fed by public schools and mainstream media controlled by Big Pharma advertising money and a runaway corporatocracy.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ Odyssey

A medical doctor, Internist and Board Certified Nephrologist became alarmed one day when she noted that some of her patients were developing full-blown kidney failure after vaccination. At the time, Dr. Suzanne Humphries knew nothing of vaccination except that she believed in it as much as anybody else. She religiously vaccinated her kidney patients as she had been taught to do at medical school. But when she then tried simply to delay or vary her kidney patients’  vaccinations after she saw vaccinations kill one and shut down the kidneys of another, she was met with a stone-faced “superior” who ran the hospital. He told her to keep the hospital’s vaccination schedule for everyone regardless of their individual health issues.

One Size fits Nobody Vaccine Schedule

Dr. Humphries was alarmed that the white coat who ran the hospital was convinced, despite her professional  experience with her own patients, that a one-size-fits-all vaccination program was safe for everyone, regardless of prior conditions and personal histories. In the interests of her patients, at least one of whom died of kidney failure after vaccination, she then began to research the subject. What she found  is a history of vaccination far different than the one she was taught in medical school, and far different from the one we were all taught in school. She dug deeper and deeper, opening one door after another.  It was an Alice in Wonderland experience, down the rabbit hole of corporate profits into a dark netherworld where misinformation and superstition trump science.

Science vs. Superstition

Dr. Humphries began what would become a 20-year odyssey – and a Sysiphian struggle – that changed her life. It should change everyone’s life, at least in how we think about vaccination. This isn’t about anti-vaxxer BS trotted out by vaccine pushers and corporate shills trolling the internet to deliver insults to free thinkers everywhere. It’s not about marginalizing anyone who wishes to actually study the subject from a scientific perspective. This book is about looking closely at the entire history of vaccination, and then deciding for yourself what constitutes science, and what constitutes superstition.

Dissolving Illusions

This book “Dissolving Illusions,” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, would be required reading if school curriculum weren’t controlled by corporations buying off political stooges (So-called ‘No Child Left Behind’ , for one example, is nothing but a government handout to book publishers and testing corporations, a complete mockery of education) to tell us what we should think. Vaccination is a $52 billion industry protected by government fiat. Most doctors just go along with the vaccination program, because questioning it sends one down the rabbit hole with Dr. Humphries and Alice. Questioning the wonders of vaccination is akin to career suicide.

Vaccination History, Thinking Person

If you want to learn fraud for mercksomething we all should have been taught in school, read this book. We owe it to ourselves and our children and to future generations. It’s time to stop letting corporations dictate political policy. It’s time for us all to grow up and think for ourselves.  Thinking, like Fitzgerald wrote in ‘The Crack-Up,” is hard, awkward work, like moving heavy furniture. This is perhaps why so many of us would rather watch television than read a book. Turn off the television and open a book, this book: Dissolving Illusions.


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•  Vaccination History, Thinking Person


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