Testosterone lowered by Plastic

reusing-plastic-bottlePlastic may disrupt the endocrine glands which regulate the normal balance of testosterone and estrogen hormones. The recent rash of men reporting Low T symptoms and then taking a Testosterone supplement – such as Androderm, Androgel, Axiron, Bio-T-Gel, Delatestryl, Depo Testosterone, Fortesta, Striant, Testim or Testopel – may be directly linked to plastic poisoning from bottles, cups and other plastic sources such as saran wrap and food containers. Testosterone may be lowered by plastic exposure.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported in August 2014 on a study that suggested men might better retain their testosterone levels by avoiding plastic water and sports drink bottles and other plastic food containers. The report stated that phthalates – chemical compounds found in plastic bottles – may accelerate a man’s natural testosterone reduction, which occurs very gradually in most healthy men, or used to, before the world was thoroughly steeped in plastic. While the University of Michigan authors cautioned that they had not found absolute “cause and effect” proof of plastic’s testosterone-lowering properties, a definite link exists between phthalates and low testosterone levels.

Young boys in the plastic study suffered up to a 34% drop in testosterone, which suggests that younger developing bodies may be more susceptible to plastic poisoning than those of older males.

Testosterone lowered by Plastic

Since the University of Michigan study suggests a link between plastic exposure and endocrine disruption, a man who doesn’t want to exercise, quit smoking or eating like a sow (all of which can lower testosterone levels), might want to at least consider giving up plastic bottles. Or not. The world is badly overcrowded anyway – too many people for too few resources, etc. – so the best thing a man might be able to do for the earth these days might be to keep his Low T low. (But then how is he going to have the energy to help clean the thousands of acres of plastic out of the oceans?) The last thing we need is a boom in population. Fun fact: marriage has also been shown to contain the plastic property of lowering testosterone levels in males, perhaps for the biological sake of keeping peace in a family. (Desmond Morris didn’t say so in The Naked Ape, but such thinking is in line with the larger premise of that masterwork.)

Reduced Testosterone and Lower Sperm Counts

The researchers also noted that men have suffered a significant decline in testosterone levels in the last 100 years, during which time sperm counts have also fallen significantly, and genital defects have grown in newborn males.

Causes obscured by Glittering Ads

Obscuring the long-term causes of medical conditions helps keep consumers focused on the immediate effects and how to address them, which helps move products. And nothing obscures and helps move products like flashy advertising, which boosts Big Pharma’s short-term profits, to the long-term detriment of individuals rubbing on Androgel or taking shots of Depo Testosterone.

Profit Motive leads to excessive Prescribing

Low-T therapy represents a multi-billion dollar industry, which has led, as usual, to its being over prescribed. Whether or not one needs Testosterone supplement or thinks he needs it, the best course, as always, is to see your doctor, run some tests, then get a second opinion.



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