Texas Woman thankful for Matthews Law Firm

At the time I became a client of The Matthews Law Firm, I was going through the most traumatic time in my life. My husband was found deceased at home just after Christmas by our young son. He had died of a massive M.I. Although he had some health issues, no one, including his physician, was prepared for such an outcome. That was before anyone knew of the harm caused by some of his medications. The pharmaceutical companies knew of the danger of these drugs but, of course, they didn’t want to share this with the public or, for that matter, physicians who prescribed their drugs. I didn’t know where to turn when I first heard of the side effects of some of his medicines, so I sought out the best firm I could find. I am thankful that I was put in touch with the Matthews Law Firm in Houston to bring a company such as a pharmaceutical giant to justice; you must find someone who can afford to take the case and is an expert in such matters. Not all attorneys could, or would, pursue a wrongful death or personal injury case. I have never had to worry or wonder if their attorneys and staff are up to the painstaking tasks involved; their credentials and case results speak for themselves. Through the efforts of the Matthews Law Firm, I feel I am still working to bring some type of closure to my husband’s untimely death. It is a feeling of gratification that I have done the best I can do for the years my son and I have to endure without Sammie.

Mary H. of Texas