Smart Meters Dangers well known

The clever naming of Smart Meter burns Man to DeathSmart Meters fails to prove that they are smart or even safe.  Smart meter dangers are well known.  A mass body of scientific evidence shows increases in cancer and other adverse health effects in people exposed to pulsed radio frequency/microwave radiation such as that emitted by smart meters.  These meters are also known to cause fires.



Smart Meters emit Dangerous Microwave Radiation

The website documents more than 2,000 research studies showing the negative health effects of radio frequency/microwave and electromagnetic radiation.  Fifty two scientists and physicians from around the world have signed a document refuting the safety of so-called “Smart” meters.  The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has called for a moratorium on smart meters in homes and schools based on the documented health hazards of radio frequency/microwave radiation of smart meters. The World Health Organization has categorized radio frequency radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen. Did anyone ever ask you if it was ok to put something that causes cancer on your house and radiate you with it all day?

PG&E Smart Meters forced on Californians

PG&E Smart meters have been forced on Californians. So far in California, the first state to have smart meters dropped on them unbeknownst like bombs from the sky, 55 local governments – representing almost 4 million people – have passed ordinances that make smart meter installations illegal in their jurisdictions. After being ordered by an administrative law judge to answer specific questions, a California utility disclosed that the average number of radio frequency pulses from their smart meters were about 14,000 a day and the maximum would be more than 190,000 pulses a day.  That is from just one meter!

Smart meters inflate utility bills. They are not UL safety certified.  They have triggered fires, they spy on our energy use, the microwave radiation they emit has not been proven safe (to the contrary; they’ve been shown to be unsafe), and they make us vulnerable to hackers who can use them to discover whether we are at home or not guarding our property.  Amont the many probles the Smart meters cause, the people running this project to “smart meter” the world want to know how often and when you use your hair dryer, electric toothbrush, washing machine and television.  It’s none of their business, and it is OUR business when they install these things on our homes without our knowledge or consent.


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•  Smart Meters Dangers well known

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  1. I have been experiencing headaches, high pitch tones and ringing in my ears, at times it feels as if they are bleeding but is not, my head feels thick, and old injuries and arthritis is exasperated due to the excessive energy pulses that permeates my apartment. On occasions like tonight, I have been awakened by piercing sounds and the ominous feeling that my brain cells are being zapped. I live in Georgia, and have spoken to the office management about this, even showed them the spiked readings from my R.F. Detector and Milligauss Electromagnetic Detector to no avail. I had first asked to move to another apartment, to which I was denied, I later realized that mine as well as the rest of the buildings are fitted with Smart Meters. Upon inspecting other apartments, I found that those meters affect mostly the upstairs apartment which I inhabit. I only had to point the gages in the direction of the doors to get a high reading of electromagnetic waves. I was told that I could not get out of my lease, yet, I cannot get enough sleep nor get rid of the ringing in my ears. What options do I have? The E.P.A. in this State, have no knowledge, authority or gravity of the situation, at least they did not lead me to believe that they did. One guy from the radiation department even told me that it could be mold, since he once had mold in his apartment. Please if you or someone can give me some information that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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