Shingles Vaccine Deaths Unreported

syringeShingles vaccine deaths have gone virtually unreported in the mainstream media. Mainstream advertising outlets largely function as propaganda mouthpieces for Big Pharma. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC – all the major newspaper and television stations – rarely see a Big Pharma advertising campaign they don’t like. None have reported how Bill Gates polio vaccine caused 47,000 cases of polio in India.

Nor has any mainstream outlet ever reported that  in 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk testified that the live-virus polio vaccine was the ‘principal if not sole cause’ of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961.

Money doesn’t Talk; it screams

“Money doesn’t talk; it screams,” as John Lennon said, and nothing screams like advertising money.

The vaccine industry, a multi-billion-dollar cash cow, is so well protected by government fiat (the 1986 Vaccines Act) and media advertising cash, that the dark side of it rarely sees the light of day, regardless of the facts, which are largely decided by whoever has the most money to say what they are. There’s nothing new under the sun, as Ecclesiastes teaches, but there are still facts to consider in the hysteria surrounding all the vaccine hype and the endless “anti-vaxxer” name calling fallacy visited on anyone wishing to discuss the facts or the larger picture. Here’s a fact you don’t see reported: people have died from the shingles vaccine. A lot of people. Perhaps as few as 90. Perhaps as many as 9,000. Is that a small price to pay for a “vaccine”? Perhaps, if you believe the vaccine works, and if you or someone you love is not one of the 90, or 9,000 dead.

Nearly 9o Shingles Vaccine Deaths Reported

The National Vaccine Information Center  reports that 89 deaths have been linked with the shingles vaccine. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has received reports on shingles containing vaccines since 1990.

Shingles vaccine promoters will argue that the VAERS system reports adverse events that vaccinated people associate with the shingles vaccine, that those deaths may simply be apriori, or merely incidental to the vaccination. Some, perhaps. But all? And the 90 deaths associated or linked with the shingles vaccine in 15 years may be closer to 900, or even 9,000.  This is well known, and here’s why.

Vaccine Events Wildly Under-reported

It is common knowledge – except for anyone working in mainstream media – that adverse events from vaccines are wildly under-reported. This well known weakness of VAERS skews all the numbers trotted out by vaccine profiteers and their legions of media and medical shills. Further, federal health officials have done little to increase vaccine provider reporting to VAERS since the 1986 passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This act vaccinates vaccine makers against liability with regard to vaccines forced on children, but it also requires that vaccine adverse events be reported. That first part is followed religiously by the courts, that second not so much.

Only 1-10 % Adverse Events Reported

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reports that during the meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory, CDC officials reported that only between one to 10 percent of vaccine adverse events are reported to VAERS. Therefore, the VAERS system that receives some 30,0000 adverse event reports annually should be receiving a minimum of 300,000 adverse event reports (if actual events were really reported), or as many as 3 million adverse events related to vaccines. It’s easy to skew numbers, and nobody skews them better than vaccine profiteers.

CDC promotes More Under-reporting

The CDC, sadly, is now proposing that all VAERS reports be submitted online. No more paper forms will be allowed. Much like the new American voting system – a sham if ever there was one (read Mark Crispin Miller and – the paperless trail will be much easier to disappear. Doctors and nurses and others will no longer be able to scribble an adverse vaccine event on paper when they have a moment. They will be forced to go to a computer and jump through all the attendant hoops. This paperless idea from CDC virtually guarantees we will see fewer adverse event reports (all in the name of “Progress,” of course). NVIC therefore opposes the CDC’s proposal to eliminate the option of submitting handwritten reports.

NVIC writes: “The proposed shift to a completely ‘paperless’ system is likely to result in even more underreporting of vaccine adverse events and penalize those who are not computer literate. These changes could also hinder the effective monitoring and detection of unusual vaccine adverse events occurring in the general population by health scientists.”

Reporting Doctors feel Threatened

NVIC further reports that, “CDC officials also stated that doctors viewed language in the current form relating vaccine provider identification as ‘threatening’ and inferred liability. The new language created by CDC officials to address these concerns does more harm than good because it assumes that all Americans are being vaccinated solely by their primary health care provider rather than in pharmacies, grocery and big box stores, senior living facilities, public health clinics, the work place or in school clinics.”

CDC officials apparently live in a different world than the one you and I inhabit.

NVIC says what’s also missing from the CDC’s proposed new VAERS form is information about vaccine reactions in siblings. Why is the CDC always erring on the side that favors Big Pharma and other corporate entities, and why is mainstream media always doing the same thing? Follow the money.



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