Secure your Shingles Vaccine Records

Rx RecordsWaiting for a law firm to order records of your shingles vaccination in a potential shingles vaccine lawsuit could fatefully harm your potential case. By law, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical records entities are required to produce records within one month of receiving a request; however, long experience has taught us that this virtually never happens. Therefore, it is best to secure your shingles vaccine records if you can, or the records of any other vaccine or prescription drug you ever take.

Waiting for Pharmacy Records

A wait of three months or longer is often the norm after we order pharmacy records. Even a nine-month wait for records is not entirely unusual. That long wait can spoil a case. The necessary records may have been purged by the pharmacy or hospital administration in the interim. If and when that happens, the potential case could be lost before it ever starts.

Records Purging at Record Pace

Drug stores and pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart and others are purging their records faster every year. Many previously kept their customers’ pharmacy records for 10 years or longer. Not any more. Many now purge their records in as little as five or six years, some now in as short a span as three years.

Protect your Pharmacy, Medical Records

To protect your own interests and to help make or expedite your potential shingles vaccine lawsuit – or any drug case lawsuit – it would be wise to secure your pharmacy records right now, today. In the future, it would also be wise to get and keep a copy of every prescription you’ve ever filled. Ideally, you don’t want to be in a position of waiting for a law firm to secure your records.

Matthews & Associates Orders Records

At Matthews & Associates, we order pharmacy and medical records for virtually every client we sign; nevertheless, given the vicissitudes of nearly always being forced to wait several months for records to appear, we advise all of our clients who we think have a case to get their records themselves as soon as possible.

Free Consultation

Matthwes & Associates offers a free legal consultation for anyone who was diagnosed with shingles after receiving the shingles vaccination, and anyone who suffered eye injury as a result of the shingles vaccination.



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