Roundup Poison gets a Free Press Pass

Roundup poison gets a free press pass, but another scientist has blown the whistle on Monsanto’s endless ploy to discredit any organization, person, or persons who dare to call Roundup what it is: a human carcinogen.  A specialist in toxic chemical regulation consistent with science, health policy, and environmental law, Jennifer Sass testified before Congress earlier this year over Monsanto’s ongoing campaign to attack, discredit, or “neutralize” any critics of Monsanto and/or its best-selling poison, Roundup.

Roundup Poison gets a Free Press Pass
It is a measure of Monsanto’s ability to control the argument that merely naming Roundup a poison, which it is, instead of an herbicide – which is merely a euphemism for a poison or a pesticide – can, in any way, be construed as an outright attack on the chemical giant.  Though every mainstream news and television outlet will refer to Roundup with the euphemism of herbicide, Roundup is a poison; and Monsanto is a poison company.  Monsanto makes things that kill, and it promotes – at an enormous profit – chemical farming methods that are slowly (though at a faster and faster rate) killing everything that lives on the earth: bees, birds, plants, people – the lattermost with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and some other types of potentially-deadly leukemias.

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Monsanto’s Full Spectrum Dominance Plan
Monsanto has been moving for years to monopolize the seed industry as well as all farming throughout the world, often with the help of the U.S. military, which has literally helped force Monsanto’s poison products down the throats of conquered peoples like the poor bastards of Iraq after we “liberated” it.

This is not theory. This is fact. Monsanto, with the help of millions of dollars it has spent “lobbying” (some would say “bribing”) members of congress as well as U.S. presidents and presidential candidates.  George Bush I, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton were all enormous Monsanto backers.  Yes, perhaps the silver lining is that Monsanto is an equal-opportunity political pig (favoring neither demrats nor repugnants) when it comes to greasing palms for sweetheart deals.

Monsanto needs political and military muscle in order to force its poison edicts on the hapless peoples of the world who would otherwise refuse to poison their own food, water, air, bodies. Monsanto’s goal is nothing less than to patent every living thing that it can. Its well-paid scientists work everyday to further monopolize seed and farming industries in the U.S. and across the world. Monsanto’s end game – which we know sounds like hyperbole, and we really wish it were – is to control the market on everything that grows, to completely control anything that can be grown. Sadly, the monster from Missouri is edging closer each day to its final dream of full spectrum dominance.

Glyphosate Poison for Everyone
The U.S. FDA has found glyphosate in virtually every food in which it has bothered to look for it, yet the agency has covered up this damning information.  Glyphosate is the main active ingredient that Monsanto lists in its Roundup poison.  This is not a subject that anyone who eats anything in this country can avoid.

Glyphosate is in everything, but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way. That doesn’t mean we can’t stop Monsanto from continuing to poison us all, as the monster from the midway continues to sell more and more of this poison, and spray more and more of it onto our food, into the air, into our water, into us.

Jennifer Sass – based in Washington, D.C. – brings a highly specialized expertise in U.S. chemicals policy.  She focuses much of her work on understanding and explaining the science behind toxic chemical regulation and on advocating for regulations that are consistent with science, health policy, and environmental law.  Ms. Sass frequently provides testimony and scientific briefings for members of Congress and federal advisory committees.  A lecturer at George Washington University’s department of environmental and occupational health, she has a master’s degree and a PhD in anatomy and cell biology from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has performed postdoctoral work in toxicology at the University of Maryland.

Please read her presentation to Congress here, and write your chemical-loving representatives and tell them that if they want glyphosate, they can buy Roundup themselves and drink it right from the bottle.  Tell them to let the rest of us choose what we want to put into our bodies, and into our air, water, our soil.  Tell them we need Roundup like we need a hole in the head.

Sane people don’t poison their own land, their own water, their own food, their own bodies. Chemical farming must be stopped before it is too late.  All the phony talk of chemical farming’s feeding the planet and being necessary is a pack of wild lies put together by chemical companies with lunatics in charge that see only money.  Please contact your U.S. representatives today and tell them you are watching how they vote, and watching how much money Monsanto is contributing to their campaign coffers in order to continue poisoning us all with impunity.



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