Risperdal Warning for Young Males

risperdal-johnson-johnsonRisperdal (risperidone) increases the risk of developing breasts and hyperprolactemia.

Recently, Risperdal maker Janssen,  a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, has been blamed for its failure to inform the public that young males or boys taking Risperdal (or risperidone, a medication used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other psychological disorders) are at an increased risk of developing abnormally enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia) and spontaneously producing breast milk (galactorrhea).

The manufacturer of Risperdal has known about this risk since at least 1999 but has done little to warn patients. Young boys or males who developed gynecomastia or galactorrhea after using Risperdal, may have a legal claim against the manufacturer and may be entitled to compensation.

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For more than a decade, Matthews & Associates has fought Big Pharma giants to help give people the knowledge needed to evaluate medications. As a direct result of some of those efforts, drug companies now include long lists of “side effects” at the end of some commercials, which may cause one to wonder: “Why would I ever take this medication?” Nevertheless, many pharmaceutical companies still fail to properly warn patients of serious side effects.



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