Pfizer tortures and slaughters Innocents for Dubious Drug Premarin

Big Pharma giant Pfizer tortures and slaughters baby horses for its unproven drug concoction Premarin.

Premarin – promoted by Pfizer as a miracle drug for menopausal women – comes with myriad deadly side effects that include cancer, heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. If that is not enough to stop an intelligent woman from experimenting on herself with Premarin, anyone who loves horses and hates animal cruelty may want to think twice before using Premarin.

Premarin products involve the abuse and potential slaughter of pregnant mares and their foals. The term Premarin stands for PREgnant MARe’s urINe. Horses who are used to produce this dubious drug are kept confined in tie-in stalls and further tortured with urine collection devices. They are kept in the dark, receive little or no exercise whatsoever, and their water intake is cruelly restricted to make them produce more concentrated urine.

These mares are also kept cruelly and continuously pregnant. Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals have been producing this drug for decades. During this time, numbers of mares no longer useful for urine production are simply sent to slaughter.

Unfortunately, most women on these drugs are unaware of the terrible side effect themselves or how cruelly and unconscionably these drugs are made. Please help spread awareness of these products to allow women to make more informed, humane decisions regarding hormone therapy and their health. The unconscionable cruelty visited upon these beautiful animals needs to stop.

Please pursue alternative forms of therapy and don’t promote the cruel production of Pfizer’s Premarin.