NuvaRing MDL N.J. Update

The first NuvaRing case scheduled to be tried in the U.S. in Feb. 2013 has been moved to at least May 2013.

Lawyers working for plaintiffs on the NuvaRing litigation in New Jersey are in the process of preparing Reply briefs to the Oppositions filed by Defendants in connection with plaintiffs’ motions to exclude the testimony of three witnesses:  Dr. Mulders, a proposed pharmacology expert responsible for the development of NuvaRing; Dr. Rekers, an in-house medical doctor with very little experience practicing medicine, but who nevertheless professes to be an expert in epidemiology and FDA regulatory matters; and Dr. Grimes, an ob/gyn who testifies as a catchall expert.  Those briefs are presently due on November 30. However, plaintiffs’ attorneys anticipate that date will soon be moved back.

In addition to the Daubert motions (which concern the haggling by attorneys on both sides to have their own experts qualified by the court while simultaneously challenging the  people chosen as “experts” to represent the other side), the plaintiffs in the first trial pool have all received at least one motion for summary judgment, which is an attempt by defense lawyers to have lawsuits dismissed in part or in their entirety.  On Wednesday, Judge Martinotti (New Jersey) entered the attached order extending the deadlines for briefing in connection with the summary judgment motions, which has resulted in moving the previously proposed February trial date to May 2013.

Today, Judge Sippel, presiding over the MDL consolidated proceedings, agreed to move the previously set May 2013 trial setting to avoid a conflict with the new New Jersey trial date.  A date has not been set.

The first NuvaRing case has yet to be tried in the country. This web site will update readers as soon as we learn of the next development in NuvaRing cases. Matthews & Associates is handling NuvaRing cases across the country.


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