Nexium Heart Attack Risks

Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid
Nexium Lawsuit – heartburn drugs – have been linked to  increased heart attack risks. These proton pump inhibitor drugs (PPIs) are up to 21% more likely to give their users a   heart attack than people who do not use the antacids, according to researchers from Houston (Texas) Methodist  and California’s Stanford University. A recent  NPR radio report detailed the story on May 11, 2015.

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•  Nexium Lawsuit

NPR: June 11, 2015 Data Dive suggests link between heartburn drugs and heartattacks

Forbes: May 11, 2015 – Common Acid Reflux Drugs associated with increased risk of Heart Attacks

Scientific American: Certain Heartburn Drugs linked to increased risk of heart attack

•  Nexium Heart Attack Risks


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