New GMOs Series a Must Watch

A groundbreaking new video series called GMOs Revealed launched August 22, 2017.  One can register to view it at this link.  This new GMO series is a must watch for anyone who uses Monsanto’s cancer-causing Roundup or eats food poisoned by pesticides.

Glyphosate Poisoning Everywhere

Glypohosate poisoning is just one of the eye-opening topics of the video series, but the ubiquitousness of Monsanto’s most profitable poison may make it the most important subject covered.

Glyophosate has been found in Cheerios, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, organic crackers, many processed snacks and popular foods, as well as in most rainwater in the U.S., in California wine, in orange juice, in vaccines, in nearly everything we all eat and drink or are forced to take.

Roundup linked with Diabetes, Obesity, Kidney Failure, Alzheimer’s, Autism

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT Senior Research Scientist, is one of many experts in her field who appear in the video series.  In one interview, Dr. Seneff says:

“Roundup usage on GMO corn and soy correlates very very strongly with the rise in diabetes, obesity, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism – all of these diseases including thyroid problems. . .”

The shocking documentary series delivers nine episodes of hard-hitting truths about not only glyphosate, but also GMOs, genetic pollution, Monsanto, seed monopolies, crop collapse, and much more.

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GMOs Revealed was produced by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Beau Pierce and Jeff Hays, a highly accomplished filmmaker who also produced “Bought” and “Doctored.”  Food experts interviewed for the film include David Wolfe, Sayer Ji, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Zen Honeycutt, Vani Hari, Stephanie Seneff, Mark Kastel and more than a dozen more people interested in healthy food and concerned with the poisons foisted on us all.

Watch the trailer to see for yourself how powerful this docu-series really is.  View all nine episodes for free at this link.

Monsanto Crimes, GMO Dangers Revealed

In case you haven’t seen the explosive, bombshell revelations over the last few weeks from the California court case, Monsanto’s lies are now being exposed daily. Monsanto was not only  caught ghostwriting “independent” reviews that falsely claimed its poisons were safe, but Monsanto was also caught colluding with government regulators to distort the science and hide the fact that its products are sickening and possibly killing people around the world.

At the same time, all the “negative PR” shills who spend millions of dollars smearing clean food advocates like Mike Adams, Doctor Oz, and the Food Babe, among others have been exposed as  Monsanto shills.  Even Monsanto’s criminal front group — the ACSH — has been exposed as being lead by a criminal felon who takes money to smear food scientists blowing the whistle on glyphosate dangers and GMOs.

Monsanto & Big Tobacco

Monsanto is now being exposed for its fake science and toxic products in the same way Big Tobacco was eventually exposed.  Scientists and research have been compromised by Monsanto money.  The truths are all coming out, and the more we all learn and share these truths, the more quickly we can save ourselves and Mother Earth from the biotech holocaust.

Life & Death Struggle

Make no mistake.  Our quest to eat clean food and drink clean water is a life and death struggle.  It is nothing less than life and death.  This “GMOs Revealed” docu-series is an absolute must-see. It’s not airing on Netflix or Amazon Prime, either. It’s not available on YouTube. It is only available through the GMOs Revealed website.

New GMOs Series a Must Watch

Episodes begin airing August 22, and a new episode airs each day.  Please watch it and join the fight.