Neurosurgeon explains Chemtrail Brain Effects

(May 2, 2018)  Why is the earth being  poisoned daily with unmeasured amounts of aluminum and other toxic substances?  While disinformation dominates the internet regarding chemtrails that have been unleashed across the US (and the world) for more than 20 years, neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock and several other doctors and scientists have examined the materials in the secret aerial spraying.

The evidence for chemtrails is too overwhelming to bother with a retort to the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” ruse meant to silence any meaningful research or discussion.  It’s a simple fact that we and God’s living earth and sentient creatures have all been suffering the effects of a criminal enterprise for more than two decades.  Chemtrails are real.   The time has come for people to voice their concerns while they can still think for themselves and exercise their God-given right to reason.

Why in the World are they Spraying?

Watch this award-winning documentary:

Anyone too lazy or too willfully ignorant to look up into the skies and see for himself exactly what is happening, can find hundreds of YouTube videos, as well as dozens if not hundreds of personal and professionally-researched stories which detail the enormous extent of the ongoing poisoning of our atmosphere.  Entire areas of the pacific northwest are dying from heavy concentrations of aluminum being sprayed from the high-flying planes, along with barium, mysterious blood plasma concoctions, several unknown substances, and nanobots too small to be filtered out by our lungs.

Educate yourself if you want to save the earth.  Watch these videos and decide for yourself what the truth is.

Discovery Channel explains Chemtrails Experiment


Meanwhile, nanoparticles being sprayed on us daily are a trillion-dollar industry with absolutely no government oversight or regulation.   Most people spend most of their time with their heads buried in their cell phones, apparently too busy to look up and see what kind of air they are being forced to breathe.  Elsewhere, at least one doctor has warned about chemtrail lung.

Doctor Warns about Chemtrail Lung