Morcellators for Hysterectomy upstage Cancer

Morcellator Surgery RiskMorcellators used for hysterectomy can upstage cancer.  Consequently, the FDA no longer considers morcellators – used to remove fibroids or other (hopefully) noncancerous growths during a hysterectomy or a myomectomy – to be safe and effective.  Johnson & Johnson company Ethicon, Inc., halted sales in 2014 of its power morcellators after federal health regulators issued morcellator warnings.

Morcellators Recalled by Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson voluntarily recalled three of its power morcellators in 2014 – the Morcellex Sigma, the Gynecare Morcellex, and the Gynecare X-Tract – after study results showed a significant link between morcellators and cancer.

J & J informed customers world-wide last summer to return the devices known as laparoscopic power morcellators.  The company had already halted sales of new morcellators in April 2014 after FDA advised doctors to stop using the tool.  A morcellator slices up common uterine masses called fibroids, slicing  uteruses into fragments for easier surgerical removal.

J&J first defended morcellator safety, though conceded it was awaiting more guidance from medical professionals.

Morcellator Lawsuit

Lawyers at Matthews & Associates are evaluating lawsuit attorneys regarding morcellators and cancer.  If you or someone you love suffered from cancer growth after a surgical procedure with a morcellator, we believe the responsible medical device maker must be held accountable. Our lawyers have battled the largest medical device manufacturers in the world. We know what it takes to pursue justice in these kinds of cases. We know how to protect our clients’ interests.

Morcellator Attorney David Matthews

Matthews & Associates founder David Matthews heads the firm’s morcellator docket. Mr. Matthews brings an impressive record of success handling medical device lawsuits. Please see how we have helped others.

Free Legal Consultation

If you or a loved one has had a hysterectomy or myomectomy for fibroids, were subjected to a morcellator and were later diagnosed with uterine cancer, contact our law firm for a free legal consultation. You may be entitled to financial compensation.



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