Morcellator Cancer Complaint Filed

Morcellator-btnA medical doctor has filed a formal legal complaint demanding full investigation and prosecution of corporations that have made and promoted morcellation devices. The doctor also calls for prosecution of doctors who have used morcellators on women with (undetected) cancer, as well as organizations that have promoted their use, such as ACOG – the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Dr. Vikki G. Hufnagel, MD, is Director of the Institute for Ethics Law, Science and Medicine. She addresses her complaint to the FTC, SEC, FINRA, BBB, FBI, OIG, Calif. Attorney General, California Senators Boxer and Feinstein, the Calif. Dept. of Insurance, Calif. Dept. of Affairs, members of the US Congress, and The Hague.

Crime of Morcellation Worldwide

Dr. Hufnagel writes: “To The Hague: This crime of morcellation with a device that spreads disease and death is taking place around the globe. Poor women have been used as experimental animals without being educated or given informed consent. The WHO does many fine things. However WHO also promotes testing on women in underdeveloped nations who are taken advantage of. Money is given to WHO for the promotion of studies on these women for corporations’ research and development.”

The doctor says The Hague must lead the action to educate and protect women around the world from medical abuse, harm and battery, and to insure their health and welfare.

The Mayhem of Morcellation

The doctor also said she is available to debate any agent for the ACOG, AMA etc. She says she will not stop her “attack” until the truth is known worldwide.

The Politics of Medicine
Physicians in other parts of the world do not get all the information they need to learn about the politics of medicine in America, according to Dr. Hufnagel. She writes that organizations such as the WHO and others take on research projects using poor, uneducated women to benefit corporations. The doctor demands to know who has been harmed in the development of morcellation.

Dr. Hufnagel asks that all agencies of the government stop these abuses by physicians and corporations which have killed or injured women worldwide. The doctor says she redesigned the device herself in 1995, then demonstrated her redesign to the medical device committee of the FDA.

She said she is filing the complaint “as a gynecological surgical ethics specialist, a creator of a new surgical branch of gynecology called Female Reconstructive Surgery prior to 1985, a student of Kurt Semm (Germany) and Viktor Bonney (UK), as the first physician to write law to protect patients in the U.S., Calif., Texas, New York with informed consent for hysterectomy, as an internationally known women’s health care expert and whistle-blower.

The doctor also advertises her services to assist law firms in morcellator lawsuits against morcellation device makers, doctors, medical organizations that have injured women. She said she wants to work towards “actual jail time for these crimes,” not just a slap on the wrist and monetary damages.

“Our society must change and be leaders of ethics protecting the people,” she wrote.

Morcellator Cancer Complaint Filed

Dr. Hufnagel lists her contact information on her complaint.

Dr. V.G. Hufnagel MD
Director of the Institute for Ethics Law, Science and Medicine.
PST 323–210–3371 vm,
4244 Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills Ca 91364



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