Monsanto Money drives Newsweek Organic Hit Piece

(2/13/2018) We’ve always known Monsanto money drives organic hit pieces and pro-GMO propaganda; but now we have hard evidence that just keeps piling up.  Newsweek was outed as a fake news outlet using Newspeak this month, publishing an organic hit piece authored by a paid Monsanto shill. Stanford academic Henry I. Miller was outed once again as a Monsanto promoter when readers noted his slanted hit piece in Newsweek denigrating organic food and the people who eat it.

Miller had tried a similar trick in Fortune magazine a couple of years ago when he put his name on a Monsanto-promotional piece.  He got away with it for quite a while, until he was outed by savvy readers who connected the dots of his Monsanto ties through his main employer, Stanford University.  In the Fortune magazine propaganda caper, Miller’s email exchanges with Monsanto employees gave the game away.  They showed Miller didn’t even write the bulk of the propaganda in question. Monsanto employees wrote most of the pro-Monsanto piece to which Miller put his name.  Most pointedly, Miller failed to divulge his direct financial conflict of interest.  Fortune eventually removed the piece from its web site, but Newsweek learned nothing from the experience and neither did Miller.

Stanford captured by Industry

Most land grant universities receive 25% or more of their funds from corporations, and Stanford is no exception.  GMO giant Cargill, the country’s largest privately held corporation, has “donated” millions of dollars to Stanford.  Its professors, like Miller, have rarely seen a GMO they didn’t like, nor an organic food that they did.

Newsweek Newspeak Implodes

The fallout at Newsweek was more pronounced than the one at Fortune, which, at least, names itself for what it is – a promotional publication to celebrate business and avaricious corporations in any form.  One might expect more from a publication calling itself “Newsweek.”  Newspeak would be a more accurate name for this propaganda rag.  It has recently been outed time and again as an Orwellian disinformation machine, and it turns out that, like most major media, it has been one for a very long time.

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”  – Former CIA Director William Colby

The corporation that owns Newsweek fired its top executive, editor-in-chief, executive editor, and several veteran investigative reporters following an uproar over the organic food attack piece from savvy readers, though the publication was apparently fraught with other difficulties as well, most of which had to do with putting out lots of other fake news (and fake advertising numbers – see below), which upset both its readership and its advertisers.

Newsweek has plenty of credibility problems in addition to its poor copy.  Newsweek is facing allegations of advertising fraud, and the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office recently raided Newsweek’s New York City headquarters. writes:
“Monsanto and their paid shills are not going to convince the public to hate on nutrition, sustainable growing methods, and chemical-free foods. The public is sick of being polluted by Roundup and tired of subsidizing the genetic modification of their food. The public has grown weary of Monsanto’s claims, the volatility of pest resistance, and the toxicity of pesticides. The public cannot stand the control that corporate agriculture patents have over farmers, the food insecurities of monoculture, the ecological destruction and the nutrient depletion of soils.”

Stanford, Monsanto Work Together
Stanford and Monsanto have a cozy relationship, just as Monsanto has a cozy relationships with many other land grant universities on which it bestows “donations.”  A Stanford study on organic foods in 2012 was also linked with Monsanto. The company used its deep pockets to pay academics in order to fool Californians into voting against food labeling laws. See it here:
Stanford Organic Study linked to Monsanto, Tobacco Industry

And that’s hardly the only tie between Monsanto and Stanford.  Here’s another:  Stanford author bashing organics who’s tied to Monsanto.

Monsanto Money drives Newsweek Newspeak Organic Hit Piece

Reader, beware!  We live in an age where money increasingly calls the shots, makes things up as it goes along, regardless of consequences to the earth or its people.  One needs more than a grain of salt to read anything concerning Monsanto or organic foods in mainstream publications.




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