Monsanto marries Bayer Murder, Inc.

Roundup Cancer Link triggers thousands of lawsuits

A lawyer who handled the recent California case of a groundskeeper stricken with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from Monsanto’s Roundup “herbicide” has had the nerve to call the litigation against Monsanto “a war.”  That, of course, is exactly what it is, complete with all the appalling casualties that all wars bring.  Attorney Tim Litzenburg won a $289 million verdict this past summer against Monsanto for a dying California man.  Mr. Litzenburg discusses litigation against the toxic giant in the video below.  One prediction he makes has already come true.  Monsanto now faces some 8,000 Roundup lawsuits from people who claim Roundup exposure caused injury or death.

Two viewer reactions to Mr. Litzenburg’s statement:

•  Josephine Irvine-Groves:   “Researchers who have studied these problems have had their grants removed, their families threatened, their reputations ruined, and worse….see Dr. Pusztai et al.”  (The Seeds of Deception proves this statement.  See one short review.)

•  Sabrina Walkosz“Farmers are falling ill and dying here in central Illinois… Neurodegenerative diseases and cancers are what I see as a hospice nurse.  So tragic for them and their families, as they were told all along these chemicals were safe to use!”

Monsanto Makeover underway

To counter these terrible truths, Monsanto needs a complete makeover and knows it.  Revising its identity will include burying the Monsanto name to help conceal the company’s rancid history.  Monsanto has used well-paid shills in the past in an attempt to alter its awful image, but the facts on the ground make that task difficult, despite Monsanto’s deep pockets controlling media coverage of glyphosate.

Monsanto has produced death and destruction worldwide for decades.  Monsanto created cancer-causing bovine growth hormone (rBGH); the birth defect defoliant Agent Orange; cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs);  and, of course, cancer-causing Roundup.  Monsanto-style farming practices, the awful monoculture Monsanto promotes, have led to nutrient-starved fields, superweeds, water shortages, millions more gallons of herbicide and pesticide poisons, and hundreds of thousands of farmer suicides.

Monsanto Milk:  Got Cancer?

The very name of Monsanto conjures nightmares that have become reality for much of the world.  The company has long “worked” to poison the world and all its living things, for a handsome profit.  Monsanto products have killed pollinator bees, and killed or sickened farmers, landscapers, and homeowners — according to thousands of lawsuit petitions — who have unwittingly poisoned themselves with “herbicides”  like Roundup (safe enough to drink, Monsanto has said).

Any PR agency in the world charged with a Monsanto makeover would first tell the company it would be wise to disappear its name and hope people will forget what it stands for, forget what it has done to the earth, to wildlife, to people.  But how can a company with a terrible track record just change its name and disappear?  How can it hide its litany of horrors?

Bayer Murder, Inc.  

Enter Bayer, Murder, Inc., a company with a history so steeped in death and destruction that even Monsanto’s  crimes against nature pale in comparison.  Bayer acquired Monsanto this last year in a chemical company marriage made in hell.  These are companies that speak the same language.

Like Monsanto, the name Bayer is also synonymous with death and destruction on a horrific scale.  In WWI, Bayer helped develop chlorine (or Mustard) gas that killed or maimed thousands of Americans and our allies, and Bayer pushed aggressively for the use of toxic nerve agents on the front.  It was likely an easy decision for Bayer:  More gas meant more profit.

Poison Gas Profits

And just as Monsanto is merging with Bayer now, Bayer merged with the war criminal IG Farben during WWI.  By WWII, that toxic conglomerate made the Zyklon B gas used to murder millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners, and others whom the Nazis considered “undesirables.”  IG Farben and Bayer also helped Nazi doctors like Josef Mengele (the angel of death) kill thousands of people with dangerous experimental drugs and vaccines in the concentration, death, and slave labor camps.  Bayer unequivocally supported the most evil political regime the world has seen in the last 100 years.   With IG Farben, Bayer also used slave laborers to make weapons that killed millions of other people, including, of course, American GIs.

The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.

Old news, you think?  Murder is never “old news.”  The statute of limitations never runs out on murder (as the people who continue to defend the ludicrous Warren Report in JFK’s deep-state-sponsored murder well know).  As Faulkner wrote, “The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.”

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The extent of IG Farben and Bayer’s crimes have been well documented. helps bring the pain back to these criminal purveyors of unpardonable evil.  IG Farben executives were brought to the docks at Nuremberg to face trial for their war crimes:

“[C]ompanies like Bayer (were) owned, and directed at the highest level, by the very same people as IG Farben. Those who had helped Hitler to power and provided the technical know-how for his wars of aggression and the Holocaust, were back in control of the industry.

The Bayer executive Fritz ter Meer typifies the bounce back.  An executive of IG for many years, the most senior scientist on its supervisory board and the chairman of its technical committee, he had become a Nazi Party member in 1937 and was the executive responsible for the construction of the IG Farben factory in Auschwitz, in which tens of thousands of slave labourers met their deaths. (The) Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal found him guilty of plunder, slavery and mass murder.  (He) was already out of prison by 1952.  By 1956 he had become the chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer, a post he held until 1964.  Even today Bayer continues to honour this convicted mass murderer.  (For) decades Bayer refused to pay compensation to its surviving slave labourers.  Only after international protests did it eventually agree to pay damages – more than 50 years after the end of the war.”

If you think Bayer has changed today, read this:  Tainted Bayer Blood Killed Thousands

Monsanto marries Bayer Murder, Inc.

Today, IG Farben’s Bayer mostly kills on a quieter scale.  It now makes neonicotinoids which have been implicated by world-renowned scientists in the mass die-offs of our pollinator bees.  The total disappearance of those bees will eventually lead to mass die-offs of millions of us.  Einstein said the human race won’t last four years if all our pollinators die.  With Bayer’s “expert help,” more than half the bees are already dead, while food grows more scarce and the price of healthy organic food rises in proportion to its scarcity.  More and more people have come to realize that eating organic food sans pesticide is the only way to remain reasonably healthy in a Bayer/Monsanto pesticide-poisoned world.