Monsanto Campaign to attack Séralini Study revealed

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” thundered the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulled back the drape.  The little dog showed the world the Wizard was only a voice, and smoke and mirrors.  The same is true of the biotech bully from Missouri.  Its campaign to retract the now-famous Seralini study has revealed Monsanto to be the scoundrel that it is.

Monsanto Man behind the curtain

Monsanto employs hundreds of such men to thunder behind curtains that hide the truth.  Monsanto pays them all or their proxies to pass off the illusion that Monsanto is great and powerful, and somehow necessary.  Monsanto pretends to want to feed the world, and to make farming easier for farmers.  Only the last part may be partially true, with a giant caveat.*   Glyphosate sold to farmers under the guise of making their lives easier has been unmasked as a probable carcinogen.  Hundreds of farmers and homeowners exposed to Roundup have found themselves diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), or some other subsets of NHL.

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Monsanto’s money and the political and “scientific” juice that money buys may make the company appear to be as powerful as the Wizard of Oz.  But just tug on that curtain with Toto and you can see it is all bombast, subterfuge, balderdash.  The street word is bull****, and Monsanto is full of it.

Monsanto Money Buys Research, Researchers
When Monsanto is confronted by science that threatens to end the company’s poison gravy train, it hires not only “researchers,” writers and editors to defend itself and pitch its party line.  Monsanto also has editors fired, and replaced by those who do the company’s bidding.

“If the company thinks, I think so, too,” is the famous line from “How to Succeed in Business without really trying.”  That is the way things work for Monsanto.  Recent documents uncovered in a lawsuit over the company’s Roundup – linked with lymphoma – give Monsanto’s whole cynical game away.  These documents follow the money.  They show exactly how Monsanto manipulates scientists, massages messages, and attacks anyone and any studies that threaten Monsanto’s poison profits.

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Documents Released
Recently released documents in Roundup cancer lawsuits against Monsanto show its desperate attempts to suppress a study that showed Roundup’s adverse effects.  They also show that the editor of the journal that retracted the Séralini study had a contractual relationship with Monsanto.  The editor picked to replace him was also a former Monsanto employee.

Roundup Linked with Liver, Kidney Damage
Internal company documents show Monsanto launched a concerted campaign to force the retraction of a study by Giles Eric Seralini.  The study had revealed Roundup’s toxic effects.  The documents also show that the editor of the journal that first published the study entered into a contract with Monsanto shortly before it secretly launched a campaign to discredit and kill it.

Monsanto moves to Stifle Roundup Cancer Research
Led by Prof. GE Séralini, the damaging study showed that very low doses of Monsanto’s Roundup had dramatically toxic effects on rats, including serious liver and kidney damage.  The research called for a larger-scale carcinogenicity test to further assess Roundup’s dangers.  Such a study could have blown Monsanto’s Roundup right off the map; consequently, the company jumped to retract and destroy it.  Monsanto needed to stifle any further research on its best-selling poison, because it knew then, and it knows now, that further research will only show the real, horrendous toxic effects of glyphosate.

The Heavy Hand of Monsanto
The newly released documents show that throughout Monsanto’s secret retraction campaign, company employees tried to cover Monsanto’s tracks to hide its heavy hand.  Nevertheless, Monsanto scientist David Saltmiras admitted to orchestrating a “third party expert” campaign.  He enlisted scientists – who were ostensibly independent of Monsanto – to letter bomb the editor-in-chief of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), A. Wallace Hayes.  Letters from the “scientists” demanded that Mr. Hayes retract the study.

Fake Third Party “Experts”
Using ostensibly independent “third party experts” is a classic public relations trick perfected by Big Tobacco, which used doctors and other paid shills to tout the safety and the wonders of cigarettes.  The idea is to pay “independent” experts to support industry products and attack their critics, in order to hide industry’s heavy hand.

GM Watch: Jonathan Matthews
“Back in 2012, GMWatch founder Jonathan Matthews exposed the pesticide industry links of the supposedly independent scientists who lobbied the journal editor to retract the Séralini paper.  Now we have first-hand proof of Monsanto’s direct involvement.

In one document, Monsanto’s David Saltmiras trumpets his own achievements, boasting of how he “successfully facilitated numerous third party expert letters to the editor which were subsequently published, reflecting the numerous significant deficiencies, poor study design, biased reporting and selective statistics employed by Séralini.  In addition, coauthored the Monsanto letter to the editor with [Monsanto employees] Dan Goldstein and Bruce Hammond.”

Mr. Saltmiras further boasts: “Throughout the late 2012 Séralini rat cancer publication and media campaign, I leveraged my relationship [with] the Editor i[n] Chief of the publishing journal… and was the single point of contact between Monsanto and the Journal.”  Word on the street is that Mr. Saltmiras will be promoted at Monsanto.  He is also favored to win the dubious a****** of the year award from all those who care about eating nutritious, non-poisoned food.

Another Monsanto employee, Eric Sachs, writes in an email about how he manipulated another scientist, Bruce Chassy, into writing a letter to the journal editor to retract the study.  But Mr. Chassy – who runs the pro-GMO Academics review website – was not that hard to move, it turns out, seeing as how he was also paid by Monsanto.  Mr. Chassy had formerly earned his Monsanto badge by writing hit pieces against Dr. Seralini in Forbes, another fake news outlet committed to pro-GMO propaganda.  (Forbes tends to back any company that pays; it’s a pretty simple formula.)  In 2016, Mr. Chassey was exposed as a Monsanto shill who failed to disclose Monsanto had paid him more than $57,000 in less than two years.  Chassey was also the first to sign a petition to retract the damaging (to Monsanto) Seralini study.

Mr. Sachs gushes in one internal Monsanto email: “I talked to Bruce Chassy and he will send his letter to Wally Hayes directly and notify other scientists that have sent letters to do the same. He understands the urgency. . . I remain adamant that Monsanto must not be put in the position of providing the critical analysis that leads the editors to retract the paper.”

Mission Not Accomplished

For remaining so cutely “adamant” about the importance of hiding Monsanto’s heavy hand in back-stabbing science, the self-promoting Mr. Sachs has clearly failed in his mission, as his released emails hilariously and ironically prove.

In response to Monsanto’s request, Mr. Chassy urged Mr. Hayes to retract the GE Séralini paper: “My intent was to urge you to roll back the clock, retract the paper, and restart the review process.”

Mr. Hayes, of course, complied, as he was working for Monsanto, too.  (What a shock!  Not.  These Monsanto fellows are so delicate with one another, it would almost be touching, if it weren’t so nauseating.)

Mr. Chassy was also the first to sign a petition demanding the retraction of the Séralini study.  Never does Mr. Chassy declare any link with Monsanto.  In 2016, however, he was exposed as having taken more than $57,000 in less than two years from Monsanto.  Mr. Chassey traveled, wrote, and spoke about GMOs – always favorably, of course.

The Lying Editor A. Wallace Hayes

The editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology, A. Wallace Hayes, also lied about accepting money from Monsanto.  He entered into a “consulting agreement” with Monsanto just before helping retract the damaging (to Monsanto) Séralini study.  He lied to a New York Times reporter about the timing of his payments from Monsanto.  Mr. Hayes was paid $400 per hour for his “services” to Monsanto at the same time that he was pretending to be an unbiased editor.

It gets uglier and dumber for Monsanto. The editor brought in to replace Mr. Hayes was also found to be a former Monsanto employee.  Meanwhile, the company continues full throttle to poison scientific discourse, as well as most of America and much of the world.

Stop using Roundup, Stop Supporting Monsanto
Americans need to wise up and stop using Roundup, stop poisoning themselves, their food, their pets.   Many dogs have been reported to experience seizures and cancers after roaming in Roundup-sprayed fields.  But since those stories are “anecdotal,” Monsanto thinks it can just write them all off.  (Will you write them all off, too, or write yourself off?)  Monsanto doesn’t care about you or your dog.  The company only wants you to buy more and more pesticides and continue to poison the world.  Because you’re too lazy to figure out how to battle your weeds without Roundup.  Don’t be too lazy, or too stupid.  Just stop it.  Stop it now.  Farm clean.  Live clean.  Eat clean.  There are natural weed killers than can do everything Roundup can do without poisoning you, your dog, your kids, or your food.



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