Lawsuits needed to ban Fluoridation

fluoride_421_2nA $4 billion class action lawsuit likely helped bring Israel to ban artificial water fluoridation last year. Israel banned fluoridation after a lawsuit pointed out that tramp contaminants were being added to the water along with the supposedly helpful fluoride. Lead, mercury, aluminum and many other “tramp contaminants” are included with every batch of fluoride chemicals added to water in America just as they were previously added to Israel’s water.

Artificial Fluoridation must stop now

Until the U.S. government and those responsible for poisoning public water facilities around the country are held accountable for the harm they cause, these people will likely continue to poison our drinking water indefinitely. It seems that municipalities following the wayward lead of the CDC may never stop poisoning public water systems with hydrofluorosilicic acid and its unavoidable tramp contaminants unless they are brought into courts of law to do so.

Legal Action

Unfortunately, few foolish policies get overturned in this world unless someone takes legal action. We’d still be breathing lead from our gasoline if somebody hadn’t sued to stop it. We’d still be smoking indoors and advertising cigarettes to minors. We’d still be using asbestos in our homes and lead-based paints. We’d still be spraying DDT and Agent Orange. The Tuskegee Airmen would never have gotten any measure of justice without hiring lawyers to take legal action.

Fluoridation is the dumping of Industrial Waste

Every scientist in the world knows fluoride is a neurotoxin, a poison, something no human being should ever ingest. The fluoride they dump in our water is even worse than that. It’s not naturally occurring; it is industrial waste, and it is loaded with tramp contaminants, lead, mercury, aluminum and more.

Industry can’t just dispose of fluoride anywhere it likes without paying penalties if they’re caught; but we pay them to dump this poison in our drinking water. This policy would be ludicrous if it weren’t so senseless, even criminally stupid.

Fluoride is not essential

Fluoride is not a nutrient. Our bodies do not require fluoride. No positive good can come from ingesting fluoride (or any other toxic poison); even artificial fluoridation backers know that. Yet we ingest fluoride every day. We drink it in many forms, absorb it through our pores when we shower, and take it directly into our bloodstream whenever we breathe steam in a shower. People who can’t afford bottled water ingest even more fluoride than others. Those among the poorest strata of society are most egregiously affected.


Not one single scientific study has ever proved that ingesting fluoride has ever saved one single person from developing one single cavity. It is long past time to stop the madness and cease poisoning us under the guise of helping us. We need help from the CDC and its fluoride policy like we need a hole in the head.



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