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Houston DowntownHouston’s congested highways and millions of registered vehicles virtually guarantee car accidents will happen in and around our area everyday. Since most Houston residents can expect to be involved in an auto accident in their lifetime, knowing an experienced Houston car accident attorney is almost essential. At Matthews & Associates, our experienced car accident attorneys work to uphold the rights of every Houston driver who seeks and deserves financial compensation from an insurance company.  We offer a free legal consultation.


Experienced Auto Accident Lawyers

Regardless of circumstances surrounding whatever Houston auto accident case we handle, we stand ready to advocate aggressively on behalf of our client. Years of experience have taught us to anticipate all the tricks of the insurance company trade. Sadly, as many involved in an auto accident may already know, many insurance companies try to escape responsibility when it comes time to pay legitimate claims.

Houston Car Accident Checklist

Because car accidents in Houston are so common, it is important to be prepared to protect yourself from the actions of other motorists, potentially faulty police reports, and insurance companies that may try to shirk responsibility in your accident. Therefore, we urge all drivers to carry a few essential items: 1.) a pad of paper and pen and 2.) a disposable camera or camera phone.

Professional Legal Help

We recommend that people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident do not attempt to go toe-to-toe against an insurance company. People injured in an accident would be wise to secure competent legal representation from an experienced auto injury attorney. Because every payout an insurance company makes reduces its profitability to some extent, insurance company representatives are typically very reluctant to settle auto accident claims, at least until a lawyer puts their feet to the fire. Insurance companies’ aggressive claims departments routinely use misleading tactics, underhanded tricks, and duplicitous legal loopholes to evade their responsibility in settling legitimate auto accident claims.

Beware of Insurance Company Tricks, Tactics

Most insurance company employees are trained to use a variety of tools to deny claims or force injured policyholders to accept unfair settlements. These tactics can include:

  • Arguing the driver lacks the proper form of coverage
  • Inaccurately asserting the driver’s policy lapsed or changed
  • Unjustly trying to pin blame on the injured party
  • Falsely asserting coverage limits were inadequate

Licensed drivers need a lawyer who knows how to fight such spurious arguments. Our injury accident lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to tackle insurance companies and bring them to the table to properly settle legitimate claims.

Insurance Company vs. Victim’s Attorney

Anyone involved in a car or truck accident might be wise to consult an experienced accident attorney to handle the claim in question. Insurance companies can be notoriously slow to pay a claim, and they are often notorious for paying too little on a claim that should fairly compensate injured parties for their injuries. In a word, because insurance companies are in business to maximize their own profits, they may not always act in the best interests of their injured clients. That is, unless they are brought to task by their client’s attorney.

Fair Compensation for Your Accident Claim

An important difference between car accident lawyers and insurance companies is that attorneys are more likely to consider an accident’s long-term effects on the injured party. An experienced accident injury lawyer can help an accident victim attain fair compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and additional household expenses such as housekeeper fees for someone recovering from serious injuries. Some people involved in a wreck may experience long-lasting neck and back problems. They may need regular chiropractic treatments or physical therapy. They may be traumatized by the crash, may even suffer PTSD, and require therapy in order to feel confident enough to hit the road again for a return to pre-accident productivity.

Houston Car Accident Attorney | Lawyer

Our experienced car and truck accident attorneys have handled car and truck accidents as well as GM recall cases and other car or truck-related accident cases. We are also investigating exploding airbag cases, in which an airbag inadvertently employs or even explodes in a crash and sends shrapnel into a car’s occupants.  Millions of American and foreign-made cars have been recalled in the last few years for dangerous design flaws. Faulty ignition switches, defective tires, faulty brakes, exploding airbags, and other problems have killed or seriously injured scores of drivers and passengers across the country.

Free Legal Consultation

If you or someone you love was involved in an auto or truck accident, or injured by a recalled auto, contact an experienced car or truck accident attorney at Matthews & Associates for a free legal consultation.



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