GMO Profiteers Guilty of Money Laundering, Deception

cs_gmofreeGMO Profiteers – the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – have been found guilty by a Washington judge of money laundering and deception, deceiving the citizens of Washington state. Companies like PepsiCo, Nestle, Coca Cola, General Mills, Monsanto, Con Agra and many others have been found guilty of violating Washington state voting laws. These giant GMO and processed food profiteers worked behind the scenes in Washington to hide the millions they were spending to trick citizens into voting against their own best interests.

Americans want Frankenfoods labeled

Fully 89% of Americans want GMO foods labeled as such; consequently, these companies have spent millions to confuse the issue. Americans know full well that they are increasingly fat, diabetic and unhealthy due to their huge consumption of processed GMO foods. Big Food knows the only way they can keep states from demanding labeling of nasty GMOs is to confuse the issue. When you have $43 million to buy politicians and the “free press,” you can confuse a lot of people and get that done.

GMA spends $43 Million to fool Californians

GMA spent $43 million in California to defeat a food labeling bill that would have required that GMO foods be labeled, compared with a paltry $7 million spent by those in favor of labeling Frankenfoods. Proposition 37 came up for a vote in November 2012, and was defeated with a vote of roughly 52% – 48%. What were the actual vote totals? Not surprisingly in our age of black box computer voting, the actual totals are hard to come by. Please contact us to let us know if you can find them anywhere on the web.

Proposition 37 was confusedly written, as most propositions are, but even with a $36 million spending advantage, GMA was barely able to pull the wool over Californians’ eyes.

GMA spends $27 Million to fool Oregon Voters

imagesIn Oregon, GMA spent $27 million to defeat a mandatory GMO labeling proposal, by a paltry 837 votes, with 752,737 in favor vs. 753,574 against labeling, a percentage loss of a tiny 0.056 percent. The hysterical attacks by GMA against labeling are always the same, telling people that food prices will go through the roof while attacking those in favor of labeling (a ludicrous argument, given that 89% of Americans want Frankenfood labeled) as tree huggers who are anti-science, which is doubly absurd considering that no true science supports the safety of GMO’s. They were NEVER tested for long-term safety before being foisted on Americans through the machinations of Monsanto and other biotech bullies’ dirty dealings. GMO profiteers buy Congressional representatives and work closely with government agencies like the FDA to assure their profits keep coming, at the considerable expense of Americans’ health.

Washington State cries “Foul!”

Against this backdrop of GMO profiteers poisoning the public comes Washington state, which finally says, “Enough!”

On March 9, 2016, a landmark case about Big Food and Big Biotech sullying the GMO argument with dirty money was decided.

Judge Anne Hirsch awarded a summary judgment in a lawsuit Washington state brought against the GMA by Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Judge Hirsch found the GMA guilty of a money laundering scheme which shielded members’ identities while they worked to defeat Washington’s 2013 GMO labeling ballot initiative, I-522.

The GMA includes the usual suspects, huge players in the food industry such as Monsanto, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, and General Mills.

top-10-gmo-foodsWashington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Attorney General Bob Ferguson charged:

“The GMA worked to ‘shield’ the actions of major food companies from the very public entitled to know who was trying to influence their vote on Initiative 522… GMA’s conduct was so egregious that it ranks among the worst in state history.”

The GMA is the same trade group that wrote Senator Pat Roberts’ DARK ACT, S.2606, to take away our right to know if we are eating GMO. The judge’s ruling makes the GMA a certified criminal organization.

The penalty these criminals will have to pay is yet to be determined. The court’s decision is pending, but the court has made it clear that the GMA criminally ignored campaign finance disclosure laws.

GMA works to stop GMO Labeling

The case, State v. Grocery Manufacturers Association, highlights that the GMA, a Washington, D.C.-based trade association, was the largest single donor to the “No on 522” political committee. The organization raised $14 million from its members which were shielded by money laundering. The major food brands and Monsanto and the rest were hoping to hide the fact that they were deceiving consumers.

PepsiCo contributed nearly $3 million to GMA to fool Washington citizens, while Nestle and Coca-Cola paid more than $2 million each. Isn’t it high time to stop supporting these criminal companies with your food dollars?

Judge Anne Hirsch

Judge Anne Hirsch decision reads:

“In enacting the Public Campaign Finance Laws, the people of Washington directed that they be interpreted liberally, to promote transparency and full disclosure to the voters. By its actions creating the [GMA’s Defense of Brands] account, the GMA violated the spirit and letter of Washington’s Public Campaign Finance Laws.”

The court has yet to impose a penalty for GMAs criminal actions. GMA disputes the facts, while the case continues to trial.

Shielding Companies from Public Scrutiny

In a GMA Executive Committee meeting, the Executive Vice President for Government Affairs noted that the fund would, “Shield individual companies from public disclosure and possible criticism.”

Attorney Ferguson filed the lawsuit against GMA in October 2013. Internal GMA documents released as a result of the lawsuit reveal a systematic effort to conceal the true sources of $11 million in contributions to oppose I-522.

Citing GMA’s own documents, Judge Hirsch wrote:

“The undisputed evidence further shows that the GMA’s intent was to create a plan to ‘provide anonymity and eliminate state filing requirements for contributing members. As a matter of law, GMA members had knowledge of the plan to conceal the true source of contributions received and expenditures made in opposing I-522 and therefore GMA violated” Washington’s campaign finance laws.

Judge Hirsch further concluded:

“There is one, and only one, reasonable inference that can be drawn from the facts before this court: that the GMA intentionally took steps to create and then hide the true source of the funds in the DOB account from the voting public of Washington State.”

Maine, Connecticut, Vermont demand Labeling

Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont have already passed laws that would require foods containing GMOs to be labeled, while GMO-labeling campaigns are underway in several other states. One can only wonder whether Washington would also have a mandatory labeling law were it not for GMA’s illegal financing that helped defeat I-522.

Stop supporting Criminals

It’s time for Americans to stop supporting criminal companies and take care of themselves. We need to stop buying their processed GMO crap and stop getting fatter and fatter. We owe it not only to ourselves and our families, but also to our fellow American citizens whose insurance premiums continue to rise while American medical facilities are overburdened with treating people who not only fatten and injure themselves, but support criminal companies whose lousy food ends up costing us all.