Gay Lavender Mafia in the Catholic Church?

(August 29, 2018)  Is there a gay lavender mafia in the Catholic church?  According to a priest who has seen the culture from inside the church for several decades, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes.”

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In point of fact, Father Edwin Palka says the church has even manipulated or found ways to essentially blackmail priests who have attempted to blow the whistle on the church’s homosexual / pedophile problems.  And he is far from alone. That sad conclusion has been reluctantly reached by several honorable priests who have been blackmailed into silence by honorable edicts of the Catholic confessional (more on that later).

Evil Homosexual Bishops  

Father Palka wrote earlier this month in the bulletin of The Epiphany of our Lord Catholic Church  that “evil” homosexual bishops set out to “punish, humiliate and blackmail” decent, God-fearing priests who threaten to blow the whistle on the gay “mafia” within the Roman Catholic church.  You can read Father Palka’s own words here; he used them trying to answer one of his own parishioner’s queries over the church’s pedophile problem:  Why don’t Priests blow the Whistle?

Gay Lavender Mafia within Catholic Church

Father Palka blows the whistle on the horrendous damage done by what he calls the gay “Lavender Mafia” within the church.  Father Palka helps shed light on why the sexual abuse crisis within the U.S. church has raged unchecked for decades, as was shown in the recent grand jury report from Pennsylvania.

Pastor of the Tampa, Fla. parish, Father Palka wrote:  “Many people still don’t (I believe most priests still don’t) understand just how evil the active homosexual or homosexual activist… priests and bishops are.”

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He continued:  “Not understanding the extent of their depravity and wrongly thinking that they are simply ‘normal’ men who just struggle with their sexual desires and sometimes might fail to remain chaste but are really, truly repentant when it happens and strive to ‘confess my sins, do penance and amend my life, amen’, they cannot possibly grasp the hellish depths to which… [homosexual activist]… clergy will go to persecute, lambaste, punish, humiliate and blackmail anyone who stands in their way or threatens their way of life.”

Father Palka’s speaking out to answer his own parishioner was partly a result of the shocking grand jury report on pedophile priests released from Pennsylvania this month.  The jury determined that a culture of corruption deep within the church hierarchy has pointedly protected pedophile priests for decades.

How else can one explain the church’s decades-long problem of allowing pedophile priests to abuse young children, 80% of whom have been boys?  How else can one explain the steady promotions which have elevated the worst of the worst – like Cardinal McCarrick – into the highest upper echelon positions in the Catholic church?  How else can one explain the cathedral  mural commissioned by an infamous archbishop in 2007 that suggests a homosexual orgy which includes naked children?

The Catholic church has, for too many years, been able to flaunt its homosexual pedophile priests right in the faces of its parishioners.  So brazen have the upper reaches of the church hierarchy been that they now feel emboldened to simply paint perverted pictures right on the walls of a cathedral, right in front of God and everybody.

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Perhaps nothing so clearly shows church elders’ disdain for their own parishioners and all things holy as Archbishop Paglia’s homoerotic mural.  We dare anyone to examine this “Art” Paglia commissioned in 2007, and not come to the same conclusions of world-renowned art critic Maureen Mullarkey.  The truth hides in plain sight in Archbishop Paglia’s world.

Archbishop Paglia’s Malicious Mural

An International Association of Art Critics member, Ms. Mullarkey wrote in March 2018 that Paglia’s mural was a “true scandal” for the Church.  She called the mural an “out-and-proud” display that reveals not only a “creep,” but a much deeper problem within the Vatican under Francis’ leadership.

“Paglia’s narcissism — the urge to flaunt his liberation from the moral considerations he is pledged to honor — is stunning,” Ms. Mullarkey wrote.  “It is a finger in the eye of congregants who trust in a priest’s fidelity to his vows.  To place it in a public house of worship is treachery.  It is also a declaration of Paglia’s own trust in his immunity from reprimand.”

The Malice of Archbishop Paglia

Ms. Mullarkey wrote that the painting forces congregants to “peep through a keyhole at [Paglia’s] sexual inclinations — and suggested behavior.” (Paglia) disdains his own flock,”she wrote.  “He is taunting them. There is malice in that.”

She added: “The true scandal here is the basis — which goes unmentioned — of Paglia’s confidence that he could broadcast his sexuality on a cathedral wall without fear of censure.”

It is the kind of thing which a good attorney might like to enter into evidence in a clergy abuse lawsuit against the church for its harboring, protecting, and even promoting pedophile priests.

It’s instructive to consider Paglia’s punishment for flaunting his deviant art, which was paid for in part by the very parishioners who were subjected to it.  In 2012, he was promoted to archbishop and appointed president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Under the direction of Paglia, in 2016 the Pontifical Council for the Family issued a new sex-ed program that includes lascivious and pornographic images so disturbing that one psychologist suggested Paglia be evaluated by a review board in accordance with norms of the Dallas Charter, which are designed to protect children from sexual abuse.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a consultant to the Congregation for the Clergy at the Vatican, said his immediate professional reaction was that, “[T]his obscene or pornographic approach abuses youth psychologically and spiritually.  (As) a professional who has treated both priest perpetrators and the victims of the abuse crisis in the Church, what I found particularly troubling was that the pornographic images in this program are similar to those used by adult sexual predators of adolescents.”

That’s more evidence hiding in plain sight of church elders’ attitudes toward pedophilia, and of a systemic problem in the church itself, at the highest levels, that both encourages and rewards unspeakable depravity.

LBGT Politics obscure Criminal Behavior

Meanwhile, some of the LBGT community, which has a very strong political presence in the church, has become inflamed as the pedophile priest stories have been used by some to help promote the King James’ Bible stories that homosexuality is a sin.   But this isn’t about the sin of homosexuality, which we can argue about all we want but cannot legislate.  We cannot legislate human behavioral choices between consenting adults.  We can, and have, legislated behavior between adults and children.  This issue concerns a crime.   Pedophilia is a crime, against both Man and God, and offending priests who violate the trust of their parishioners must be held accountable.

The Church needs to be held accountable

Since church elders have shown themselves to be abject failures in ferreting out and dismissing beastly priests who abuse young children, law firms must be employed to hold these priests and the church accountable.  The church needs to be held accountable.  If you have been abused by a priest, click here for a free confidential legal consultation regarding a potential lawsuit.



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