Fracking Lawsuit Lawyers

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Matthews & Associates Law Firm is investigating claims of people injured by natural gas fracking operations across the country.

Water Wars

Fracking in the U.S. generated more than 280 billion gallons of toxic water in 2009, enough to flood Washington D.C. under a 22-foot lake of toxic fluid. More than 80,000 wells have been drilled or permitted in 17 states since 2005, and it takes 2-9 million gallons of clean water mixed with sand and a toxic cocktail of unregulated fracking chemicals to frack just one well.

Fracking Radiation Risks

A Duke University study shows dire radiation risks from fracked water. Water samples collected downstream from a treatment plant in western Pennsylvania showed radium concentrations 200x above normal. Treatment plants cannot treat the waste water without prohibitively expensive upgrades that a scant few townships or municipalities can afford. Meanwhile, Halliburton and other corporations heavily invested in the fracking industry are quietly buying aquifers while they destroy aquifers as they frack their way across the country.  Welcome to the new Iraq:  America.

Air Nightmare

In addition, 450,000 tons of air pollution a year and 100 metric tons of global warming pollution have entered the atmosphere via fracking since 2005, the year then Vice President Dick Cheney’s public service “work” with his industry-sponsored and highly secretive “Energy Task Force” came to fruition when he was able to pass the Halliburton loophole, which exempts frackers from the Clean Water Act and much of the Clean Air Act.



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