Flu Shot Kills Young Doctor

Flu Shot Kills Young Doctor

The flu shot killed at least one young doctor, who died in Florida the day after she took the ill-fated vaccine.  A day after submitting to the deadly shot,  Dr. Marlie Eddia Dulaurier, 35, suffered anaphylaxis with vocal cord paralysis, Guillain Barré Syndrome (“GBS”) and/or Transverse Myelitis (“TM”), gastroparesis, and death.  That, at least, is what the federal government said, before the secretive US Vaccine Court awarded her family $500,000 for “compensation” in 2017.

Dr. Dulaurier’s grieving family was awarded a paltry $500,000 by the US vaccine court, which is virtually never mentioned on any national news outlet.  This arcane “court” — which allows no legal discovery that could actually elucidate the deadly dangers of a vaccine and give that vaccine a bonafide risk-benefit analysis — has paid out more than $3 billion to grieving families whose children, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters were killed or maimed by deadly vaccines.

The Truth of Vaccine “Safety”

The truth of vaccine safety is that vaccines are not safe.  Vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” as even the US Supreme Court announced years before Dr. Dulaurier died from the flu shot.

The truth of vaccine safety occasionally leaks like God’s own light through the cracking iron wall of pro-vaccine propaganda that endlessly pervades and perverts every mainstream news outlet.  Virtually every national television “news” program (they call it “programming” for a reason), newspaper, magazine (owned by the same monopolies which rake in billions from so-called “vaccines”), and google-censored web search extols the virtues of vaccination.  Anyone who dares question the ingredients of a vaccine, any vaccine, or any vaccine’s production in communist China — or any other unsupervised or unknown location — is deemed a conspiracy theorist or worse, an enemy of the state, an anti-vaxxer, a lunatic bent on destroying what little is left of the American republic.

But despite the iron wall of pro-vaccine propaganda, where corporate news lackeys repeat ad nauseam the lie that no scientific study has ever shown any vaccine link with autism (despite at least 30 studies showing such a link), some truth occasionally leaks out.  Sometimes, despite the endless lies that never stop repeating themselves on television, any fool with thinking skills somewhere north of a tape worm is forced to reckon with facts.

Indisputable Vaccine Facts

The facts are that vaccines are not the panacea the CDC – with more than 56 vaccine patents of its own, in one of the most egregiously glaring conflicts of interest imaginable — would have us believe.  The facts show that vaccines are dangerous.  The facts show that the US Supreme Court itself has stated that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”  The facts show that vaccines can be deadly.  Vaccines can prove deadly in the long run by compromising the immune system with a toxic assault directly to a bloodstream otherwise protected by epidermal layer and respiratory system.  They can also prove deadly in the short run, as the grieving families of Dr. Dulaurier and many others can attest.

Visit the US Court of Federal Claims, type in the key word “‘death,” and you can quickly find hundreds of court cases in which people have died from flu vaccines, from HPV vaccines, from T-dap vaccine, from polio vaccines, pneumonia vaccine, Rotovax vaccine.  You can find a person early in the list who died of pneumonia right after receiving the pneumonia vaccine. You can find people who died shortly after receiving the dubious shingles vaccine.

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Flu Vaccine Facts

The facts show that the flu vaccine, in particular, has most likely never worked. The fact is that the flu vaccine, for the last 70 years, has been produced using chicken eggs in a process which has rendered the flu “vaccine” at best worthless and at worst dangerous.  There is a HUGE amount  of doubt about whether the flu vaccine has ever worked for anyone to prevent even one single case of flu.  What is not in doubt is that the flu vaccine is dangerous.  The flu vaccine can kill people.  The flu vaccine has killed people.  The flu vaccine will kill more people who are foolish enough to submit to it.  We don’t know how many people the flu vaccine has killed, but we can look at several people who succumbed to the flu after taking the flu vaccine.  We do know that at least  seven elderly folks in Santa Barbara recently died from the flu after taking the flu shot. We do know that the flu vaccine killed Dr. Marlie Eddia Dulaurie.

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Those who would swallow the pro-vaccine propaganda whole ignore the real science of the failed flu shot not only at their own peril, but at the peril of the rest of us who refuse it.  Anyone who takes the flu shot endangers not only themselves but also everyone with whom they come into contact, as flu-shot people shed the virus onto un-vaccinated others smarter than they.

Do us all a favor:  Learn some facts and do some research of your own before submitting to the flu shot this season.

The Vaccine “Court” Judge Laments Vaccine Injury Reports

A judge who oversaw the vaccine court in 2014 worried that if more vaccine-injury cases were filed they would all take even longer to handle than they do now.  A single vaccine injury case can take a decade to reach conclusion, and many vaccine-injured children and adults die before their cases ever reach the vaccine court.

Why Hospitals Force Vaccination

Sadly, the dead young doctor from Florida was likely forced to take the vaccine that killed her.  The reason hospitals force their workers – doctors, nurses, other caretakers, hair stylists, etc. – to take the flu vaccine is that Medicare lowers the amount of money it reimburses on all services to a hospital if a certain percentage of hospital employees are not vaccinated.  That is the dirty little secret of how the federal government forces vaccination on hospitals.  If you remember that the CDC, and consequently its bureaucrat employees, have a vested interest in promoting vaccination, you can begin to understand the reason for the subterfuge.

Do Doctors Take the Flu Shot?

A 2008 publication examined how doctors talk the talk on taking flu shots but most often don’t take it themselves.  The CDC has admitted that less than 40 percent of medical doctors and staff take the flu shot themselves.

Another Vax Fact:  All vaccines compromise natural immunity.

Should you listen to your AMA doctor re: Vaccination?

The AMA was convicted of conspiracy in an anti-trust case  in 1990.  The U.S. Court of Appeals 7th circuit found that the AMA had attempted to destroy the chiropractic profession.  Chiropractors threatened AMA profits.  The AMA was forced to pay for trying to silence and destroy the chiropractic profession.  This case proved that profits are more important than patients to the AMA — Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

Vaccines unproven, but decidedly dangerous

No evidence produced anywhere has ever proven that the flu vaccine works to help people avoid the flu, or that taking the flu shot is worth its life-and-death risks.  All we get is the nonsense, with no proof whatsoever, that if one takes the flu shot and then gets the flu, the “symptoms” one then suffers aren’t as bad as they would have been had the person not submitted to the shot at all.  Really?  Well, maybe the person wouldn’t have gotten the flu at all if he hadn’t been dumb enough to submit to the flu shot and compromised his immune system with the flu virus as well as various other carcinogens and unknown toxins.

Real Evidence the Flu Shot Can and Does Kill People

Real evidence has shown that the flu vaccine can kill people, and quickly. And if you’re the person who believes what you were taught in school, that the influenza outbreak of 1918 was stopped by the flu shot, you need to revisit your history.  The 1918 influenza outbreak was caused by vaccines.

Please take some time and read some vaccination history for the thinking person.  Your life and the lives of those you love may depend on your knowledge of the real facts, and the real history of vaccination.

Please read, too, how the sick medical media complex was built into the vast superstructure of brutality that it is today.  The forces aligned against humanity are great.  But the light of truth is greater, and those who love humanity and the chance humanity has to make this world a better place are on the side of God.  We shall overcome all of these people who oppose the light, and the truth, and the words of truth which must, in the end, prevail.