FDA must stop Banning Supplements

warning-fda-drugFDA must stop banning our supplements. The agency needs to step aside and let adults make their own choices. It isn’t doing us any favors by banning treatments we want, or making them difficult or impossible to obtain.

FDA Death Tolls

The FDA admits to helping kill 100,000 people per year with dangerous prescription drugs the agency approved. Others estimate the death toll yearly as much higher, with chemo killing some 50% of the people who take it.

The FDA routinely licenses drugs that kill thousands of people, and at the same time the agency works to ban or make it difficult or impossible to obtain valuable treatments that many people want, such as GcMAF or Intravenous vitamin C. In a free country, people are allowed to make their own health choices about their food and medicine. In our dis-United States, the FDA decides, after taking orders from its Big Pharma paymasters.

george-carlinPlease read “When Healing Becomes a Crime,” the amazing and tragic story of Harry Hoxsey, if you think Americans have any real choice of their own when it comes to cancer treatments. The insurance companies work hand in fist with the FDA and pharmaceutical companies to limit the treatments insurance will cover. “Alternative treatments” – and make no mistake, chemotherapy IS just ONE “alternative treatment,” as much as any other treatment option – are outlawed or banned and/or never paid for by insurance. Insurance companies will pay only for those treatments approved by the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry, which primarily means chemotherapy, which fails or kills an astonishing 97% of its victims. This woeful (even criminal) statistic is not a “conspiracy” or a “theory” of any kind. It is a solid, incontrovertible FACT, and it is merely a blinding glimpse of the obvious. This is not how things are supposed to work in a free country. If you were successful 3% of the time at your job, would you still have that job?  If we spent hundreds of billions of dollars to educate you, and then you were still unsuccessful 97% of the time, would you still have a job? You might, if you were running a chemotherapy cancer center.

Get Drug Makers out of the FDA
By licensing drugs that kill, and denying Americans access to effective, inexpensive treatments that work, estimates the FDA kills some 800,000 US citizens a year.

Drain the Swamp?
Founded in 1930, FDA employs 6,000 people. Its largest of 40 Washington offices is located at White Oak, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993. If President Trump is at all serious about “draining the swamp” as he promised, the FDA is a good place to start. The CDC would be a good place to continue the draining.

FDA directors are typically former pharmaceutical company lawyers or executives. A revolving door allows drug industry insiders to move back and forth between employment with Big Pharma corporations (like Merck and Pfizer) and the FDA. This agency is supposed to be the regulatory industry for the very drug makers they end up simply promoting and protecting, whether by approving the latest dangerous or unnecessary drugs, or the latest dubious vaccines – such as the so-called shingles vaccine and the ill-fated Gardasil vaccine.

The revolving employment door lets Big Pharma control its own licensing. This is why Merck’s Vioxx, for example, killed an estimated 500,000 Americans, and why Avandia killed some 83,000 before the FDA re-licensed it to continue killing in February 2010. Opiods have killed at least 194,000. Chemotherapy, meanwhile, continues to be the reigning King of failed cancer treatments. This radiation poisoning and burning “therapy” has horrifically maimed and killed some 9 million human beings since the year 2,000. Though it fails an astonishing 97 percent of the time, it remains the go-to treatment for the medical mafia that runs the country. This colossal failure of a shell game couldn’t continue without steady help from the FDA and most of the mainstream media. No-nothing anchor heads shamelessly continue to promote dangerous drugs, medical devices, and failed cancer treatments.

FDA promotes Big Pharma “Cures”
The FDA is entrusted with protecting the lives of US citizens. What the agency does instead, first and foremost, is protect the obscene profit margins of multi-national drug companies that sell Americans dubious or unnecessary drugs at wildly inflated prices. The FDA is nothing short of a serial abuser in this rancid arrangement.

FDA Corruption

Search “FDA corrupt” into any search engine (but beware of censorship from Google, which has just delisted’s 140,000 pages. Natural News tended to attack the Big Pharma agenda, and blow the whistle on the whole shadowy, incestuous regulatory-industry scheme.  Search “FDA corrupt” and you will see a sad mountain of examples of FDA corruption and abuse of public trust.

There is no question the FDA is acting criminally. Psychopaths have lurked (Dr. Julie Gerberding) and must still lurk among its directors. Psychically healthy people cannot injure or kill others without remorse.

The FDA as Murder Incorporated – Chemo Kills
The FDA has concealed, or banned, a dozen inexpensive, natural but successful treatments for cancer. None has side effects. they are listed at The agency’s aim is simply to drive people into the poison of chemotherapy, which costs $60,000 a round. Chemo makes Big Pharma $200 Billion a year in revenue. According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, who studied 15,000 patients, chemo is successful in just 2.3% of cases.

FDA bans, steals GcMAF
The FDA has concealed a promising cancer treatment – GcMAF – from the public for 25 years. This amazing substance, created from the human body’s own immune system material, has been researched by at least 300 scientists. Some 150 scientific papers have been written of its wonders. More than 11,000 patients are on it now. It has no side effects. It represents 1% of the cost of chemotherapy. Studies have shown it can save some 60% of the cancer victims who use it. The FDA has now closed down the supply on both sides of the Atlantic, using their surrogate, the MHRA, in England. See Some doctors who have used it have had their offices raided and have then turned up dead – Jeffrey Bradstreet, to name one. Coincidence? Follow the money. Could a $200 billion dollar industry disappear without a fight?

FDA as Gestapo for Big Pharma Profits
The FDA has taken control of supplements, attempting to ban them when possible. Everyone who has studied the subject knows that minerals and nutrients can do far more good for human health than drugs. Consequently, in 2011, FDA deliberately misinterpreted the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) with a draft guidance aimed at crippling, or eliminating the supplement industry. They raided Dr. Jonathan Wright’s clinic (in Kent, Seattle) and other clinics at gunpoint, to make sure the industry complied.

This is not the way things are supposed to work in a democracy, in a free country.

FDA must stop Banning Supplements

The FDA are the largest of hundreds of bodies in the 2.9 billion dollar Big Pharma lobbying system. The FDA is controlled by Big Pharma with former or soon-to-be Big Pharma employees stepping back through the revolving door. The FDA does Big Pharma’s bidding. It spreads disinformation to keep their profits at the hundreds of billion dollar level, just as the CDC spreads disinformation for Big Pharma and the vaccine industry. Say what you will about vaccination, it is not as safe as advertised; all objections to mercury and other toxic adjuvants are swept under the table or attacked by Big Pharma shills that control mainstream media discourse.

The FDA’s criminal activities make it a far more effective killing machine than the US Army.

Dead Doctors don’t Lie

bradstreet-rfk-jrStarting with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, and including Dr. Nicholas Gonzales (heart attacked), more than four dozen doctors who were successful without using drugs or chemotherapy, have been found dead in the last year or so. These healthcare practitioners all had one thing in common: they were all a threat to drug industry  and chemo “therapy” profits. Many were killed within a week of an FDA raid. Coincidence? It is all coincidence if you read the endless reams of disinformation and fake news that dominate the mainstream media and the web. We can give you 200 billion reasons why it won’t all wash away as coincidence. It won’t wash away as easily as Dr. Bradstreet’s body after he allegedly shot himself and then jumped into a river, just days after having seen his autistic son graduate from high school.

Money doesn’t talk.  It screams

John Lennon famously said, “Money doesn’t talk, it screams.” Money has never screamed louder than it does now, when anyone threatens a multi-billion dollar industry. Just ask Mike Adams at Natural News. If Mr. Adams was such a no-nothing person as all of his detractors now claim (while he is unable to defend himself, having been virtually banned by Google), then why did the censorship giant find it necessary to disappear him and his 140,000 pages from the web?  If Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was such a “controversial” quack as to be completely unsuccessful in treating everything from cancer to autism – as the New York Times (fake left) and the Wall Street Journal (fake right) would have us believe – then why was it necessary to murder him? For there is no question but that Dr. Bradstreet was murdered.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Go down the rabbit hole yourself and find out what is really going on in this world. But beware of false prophets (or profits), and the countless paths of disinformation which now dominate any serious discussion that regards our health.

The devil comes in many disguises. That quietest voice is God’s own, is our own, and that is the voice of truth. We had better hear that one. We had all better hear that one, before it is too late for this civilization.

God helps us all to the light and the truth. Amen.



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