Facebook Censorship 101

Facebook Censorship 101 is a primer built to explain just what a deep threat Facebook is to the free press of the world. Make no mistake, Facebook is a threat. Despite all those cute little pictures of your dog, your kids, or your lover at the beach, or that old school shot of you and some friends, the folks who run Facebook are not your friends. Those who run Facebook don’t care much about your friends, or about you. They do care about the sale, and they sell others your information to prove it. Ignore this truth at your peril: Facebook users are Facebook’s primary “product.” 

Facebook executives do care about how they can control you, affect how you think, feel, shop, how you can be frightened or prodded into doing what they and their most important advertisers want you to do.

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Now, we know we’re all so savvy that we only use Facebook for what WE want, for what WE can get out of it, for what matters to US, and then we just ignore or turn off all the rest of it.  If only it were all that simple. Even if Facebook censorship weren’t so direct and as obvious as we now know that it is, Marshall McLuhan discovered years ago that even if one is aware of being subliminally seduced, that seduction works; the target is successfully manipulated. No outfit save google manipulates and massages messaging for its advertisers like Facebook.

Facebook a Code-Red Threat

There is something sinister going on at Facebook that should give anyone with a working pulse pause. Facebook is a code-red threat to democracy. Facebook’s routine censorship practices threaten not only free speech, but also world freedom and the rights of people, communities, and countries to share all the information they deem appropriate or useful for making informed decisions.

How Facebook Censors and Threatens World Freedom

Nothing brings the Facebook threat home like Facebook’s denial that it participates in shadow banning. Facebook executives testified to congress in April 2019 that Facebook does not shadow ban. The hundreds, or even thousands, of people who have recently been demonetized by Facebook, de-listed altogether or banned outright, or shadow banned, know that was a lie. What they might not know is that Facebook actually owns a patent on shadow banning, and that it hopes to keep that patent secret.

What is Shadow Banning?

Shadow banning is a method of blocking a users’ posts or comments from everyone except the user who made the post or comment. In this manner, the user is led to believe that she has posted a comment that everyone can see, because she sees that comment on her own page. However, the people for whom her comment was intended never see it at all. The user has, therefore, been “disappeared” from the web the way the old Soviet Russian regime disappeared real or imagined enemies from Russian history.

Facebook patents Shadow Banning Technology reports that a newly granted patent shows Facebook not only denies shadow banning, but also seeks to protect — by special patent — the very method which Facebook uses for shadow banning.

Facebook was recently awarded a patent for shadow banning by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), though of course Facebook didn’t call it that. The patent which Facebook received was for an automated system that would “receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users,” while continuing to “display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked.”

Blocking comments for “proscribed content” while fooling the content writer into thinking that his comments are being seen by others is the very definition of shadow banning.

It is not hyperbole, in the least, then, to point out that Facebook is run by scoundrels with a voracious appetite for your information, which they can, and do, sell to advertisers, while also silencing your voice and views whenever and however they like. Facebook, sadly, is now working in ways diametrically opposed to the free sharing of information. Facebook is clearly not built to help keep the fires of a democracy burning in the wilderness of misinformation and speculation.

Facebook is, instead, a guided missile which targets users for its corporate clients selling drugs, mass vaccination (never dangerous, says Facebook; always necessary, says Facebook), clothing, cars, chemotherapy and other toxic cancer treatments put forth by Facebook’s biggest medical business advertisers. Facebook also supports military intervention (it’s the weapons sales, stupid, and the ever-increasing “defense” spending), and whatever presidential candidate spends the most money with Facebook and its sister companies like google and YouTube.

Facebook — like google and YouTube — is now an integral part of the Orwellian ministry of truth nightmare into which the soulless controllers would seek to corral us and have us all live.  (To help ensure we can still cling to the tattered remains of our democracy, George Orwell’s 1984 ought to be required reading in every American school.)

“Proscribed” (Read: banned) Content

Since Facebook would use its patented system to shadow ban “proscribed” (read: banned) content, one can safely assume that content would include political speech deemed unacceptable by the social-media behemoth. But Facebook’s censorship and shadow banning does not stop at politics. Many holistic doctors, natural foods promoters, or right-leaning journalists — people such as Dr. Mercola, Mike Adams of, Alex Jones, and many, many others — have found themselves demonetized or banned altogether by Facebook, or de-listed by google, disappeared, or made very difficult to find.

For anyone with a working pulse, the problem is not whether you agree with the politics or medical views of the Facebook censors, or with the people Facebook targets or shadow bans — the problem is that when one for-profit company can decide what we see or hear, when one for-profit company can dictate what we can say or cannot say, when one company can decide what “our” values are, or what they “should” be, then we are all living in a very dark place.

Hate Speech is whatever Facebook says it is

Facebook recently tagged a post by The John Birch Society as “hate speech.” That post consisted of the cover of the July 8 issue of the print edition of The New American. The cover showed a real picture of an illegal border crossing and carried the caption, “Immigrant Invasion.”

Nothing in the picture or the accompanying text could be construed as “hate speech.” Nevertheless, Facebook removed the post and penalized JBS with a 30-day ban on monetizing posted videos via ad breaks.

With a newly patented automatic system for shadow banning anything “proscribed” by Facebook, the company would have no trouble censoring any user whose posts run counter to whatever Facebook decides is “appropriate.”

After several accusations and allegations of shadow banning of conservative users — including undercover videos released by Project Veritas showing Twitter employees admitting to the practice — Facebook and Twitter executives were called by Congress to Washington D.C. in April  2019.

Facebook Denies Shadow Banning, patents Shadow Banning Method

The Twitter rep. who appeared before a Senate panel said, “At no point, sir, is a person’s followers unable to find what that person has tweeted.”

Facebook’s public policy director told the Senate panel: “I would like to state unequivocally that Facebook does not favor one political viewpoint over another, nor does Facebook suppress conservative speech.”

But a huge pile of evidence points to the fact that Facebook does indeed censor political speech. Evidence shows that Facebook censors both conservative speech and political views, and it also censors or shadow bans progressive speech, such as that from a far left candidate named Bernie Sanders. Even an arguably left-leaning concern, “Project Veritas,” has shown Facebook and Twitter do practice shadow banning.

But we’ve never had real solid proof until a couple of weeks ago when Facebook showed its hand with the shadow ban patent.

The patent was made public July 16, 2020 when it was issued. It shows Facebook applied for the patent in 2015 — years before being accused of, and denying, the very practice the patent describes.

Facebook’s rep. lied to Congress, and, by extension, lied to the American people. points out: “Of course, now that the patent has been issued and made public, Facebook will have considerable more difficulty denying it next time.”

Facebook Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against Facebook in 2018 charges the company with helping aid human trafficking of children. That lawsuit complaint stated that Facebook should be held liable for sex traffickers’ conduct because Facebook is now the “first point of contact between sex traffickers and these children. Facebook not only provides an unrestricted platform for these sex traffickers to target children, but it also cloaks the traffickers with credibility.”

One Facebook related site,, was shut down two years ago for helping predators operate human trafficking schemes, including those which manipulated underage children and young women into sex trafficking slavery.

It may be challenging to hold Facebook accountable for its role in the human trafficking problem, but now, given the fact that we know the social media behemoth has the power and the wherewithal to censor medical treatment information, political views, and news or opinions of any kind it wishes, it will become harder and harder for Facebook to plead ignorance as predators use its services to aid in human trafficking.