Earthquakes in Dallas Cowboy Land

fracking glassThe old and new homes of the Dallas Cowboys in Irving and Arlington, Texas are surrounded by thousands of natural gas fracking wells. Many Irving and Arlington and other nearby residents know firsthand that there’s nothing natural about extracting natural gas miles beneath the earth’s surface.  They have smelled, tasted and felt fracking’s life altering effects on the earth.  Residents of Irving and Arlington and other nearby towns have complained not only of the low frequency noise that rumbles their homes at all hours, but of skin rashes, nose bleeds, nausea, memory loss, endocrine problems, asthma, mental confusion and other fracking-related problems. The complaints tend to come from people who aren’t collecting any mineral rights’ royalties from frack wells in the area.

Eleven Earthquakes in 24 Hours

Fracking related earthquakes are another concern for nearby residents. The area was recently rocked by eleven (11) earthquakes in 24 hours.  See the story: Eleven Earthquakes in 24 hours.

A Surprise for NCAA Championship?

The NCAA national championship will be played Monday, Jan. 12 at At & T Stadium in Arlington.  A mid-game earthquake viewed by millions of people could  introduce a few more folks to the dangers of fracking so familiar to the 300 or so callers to Irving’s 911 service on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. They felt the earth move under their feet and asked  what was going on.

911 Calls for Frackquakes

Presumably the concerned callers were told: Don’t worry. It’s just the frackers  fracking the earth beneath your homes. They are fracking you good and hard.

The key, alarmed caller, is to just buy a second home away from the fracking operations, say in Collin County, Texas, where many executives of the fracking company Aruba Petroleum make their homes. Just buy  a house there or in some other frack-free area and then get yourself some mineral rights to frack somebody else’s land. Then you can quit complaining.

The Fracking Glass is Half Full

Think of that ground now moving beneath your feet (and damaging your health, peace of mind, house foundation, or whatever) as money flowing like gas into someone else’s pocket. (Most of it’s being sold to China, but that’s another story the frackers don’t like to tell.) You need to figure out how to get you some of that, at somebody else’s expense. That’s the American way. Being the home of “America’s Team” has surely taught you that.



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